Hi All,

I am planing to book a house of around 1100 sqft and went through the market to find the best deal. Now, I came down to 2 projects
1. Max Royal Sethi Builder -


    Heard good reviews of the builder.
    Plan looks good.
    Better options available in terms of flat availability.
    Touching sec 50.


      Possession is later
      Connectivity to delhi is not as good as Greater Noida Eway

      2. Ajnara Daffodils Sec 137

        Good Builder
        Possession is earlier.
        Construction in full flow

        The prices that are quoted to me has a difference of Rs 250 / sqft b/w both this project(Ajnara Daffodils is costlier).

        I can make a payment of 20-25% from my pocket and rest will be bank loan.

        Is it worth going for Ajnara, as I'll get a early possession and will save house rent of atleast 1,40,000?

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  • Hi Pradeep ,

    As you mentioned that you are planning to book around 1100 sqft.

    So I compared covered area of Sethi MAX Royal 1195 & Ajnara daffodil 1215.
    & following are the calculation.

    In which Sethi Max Royal 1195 is more better.

    In Sethi MAX You will be getting 3% more covered area. If we calculate Super area of 3% then it will be 5%. Which means 5% extra area as compare to Ajnara.

    Rest adv. disadv you had already mentioned. may be below calculation help you further
  • Thanks Man, for such a detailed analysis.:)