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Noida E'way:Investors And Punters Are Betting Big


Noida E'way:Investors And Punters Are Betting Big

Last updated: February 26 2011
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  • Noida E'way:Investors And Punters Are Betting Big

    It's what the buzz is all about: The Noida Expressway. Punters and investors are betting big and promising double-digit returns on any investment period for this area.

    The Expressway is a 24.53 km stretch, with 3 km inside Greater Noida and the rest in Noida. It is a six-lane highway, connecting Noida and Delhi, to Greater Noida. Built at a cost of R400 crore, it aims at reducing traffic on National Highway 2. A total of 40 sectors are planned along the Expressway, which is further separated under four zones under the Noida Master Plan 2021.

    Noida Expressway itself is an extension of Noida that was initially envisaged to take the pressure off Delhi.The government had to develop Noida and Gurgaon as alternative satellite townships to accommodate the burgeoning populations in residential and industrial areas around Delhi. These townships were planned to reduce the burden of rapid development on the capital.

    Noida was built to accommodate population growth for 20-25 years, but it was overloaded in just 15. Thus the creation of Greater Noida.
    The Noida and Greater Noida Expressway was conceived to link the two.
    Noida has already established itself as a planned, organised and green hub. The Expressway will only accentuate this with its planned green patches interspersing the mammoth residential parks that are being built. According to a survey conducted by ************ among its broker clients, a majority felt that this area will experience an appreciation of 21% over a period of 78 months. Sector 93 and a little beyond is where we are likely to see price appreciation in the near future. So, if you are looking for a longterm investment, this would be the right place.

    Running parallel to the Expressway is a stretch of land that has great residential as well as commercial value. Sectors 94, 124, parts of 105 and 143 are totally commercial, whereas sectors 93A and B, 128 and 32 are residential.

    Overall, there has been appreciation of over 18% in the area over the last year.

    The major hotspot is Sector 93, which is almost fully developed. It has seen huge price appreciation since September '09 to September `10, a 10% increase in rental rates. What could be rented here at R20,000 earlier now costs R22,000. Capital values in the area for resale are in the range of R5,500 per sq ft.

    Construction is underway in the new sectors, including 93, 128, 134 and 151. Some new projects are in the pipeline for sectors 119, 120 and 137.

    Source: Hindustan Times
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    Re : Noida E'way:Investors And Punters Are Betting Big

    not surprising ... considering that major development started in Noida only 10 years ago and the expressway is the biggest infrastructural improvement since then ...

    Studying the current and past stats and comparisons with worldwide suburbs, we can estimate that in another 7-8 years Noida will edge ahead of Gurgaon in terms of property prices and appreciation value (sooner if the airport is approved) ...

    Currently, residential and commercial properties in the "affordable" bracket close to Delhi are available in the Noida - Greater Noida region only.

    With the further planned extension of Maha Greater Noida (Greater Noida expanded to 4 times more it's current size) the planned development of this region will be the pinnacle of living standards in India.

    In the long run of 8-10 years, Noida - Greater Noida holds a definitive advantage.


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      Re : Noida E'way:Investors And Punters Are Betting Big

      8 -10 years is a very long period to predict . If GGN, overcomes its shortcomings in these years, we may have an equation, which is much more skewed than the current one, between GGN & Noida & GGN could leap miles ahead .
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