Hi All,

As has been happening for the last few days, Allahabad HC has begun putting stay orders on projects in NE. While I understand that this is currently happening in NE which was always risk-prone, still other areas of Noida can easily start coming into this ball of fire. This also includes sectors 7x and 1xx since the point of contention currently is the way in which the land was aquired and if the land use was changed from Industrial to residential.

Please note that we cannot get this information from our respective builders because they would show us their Lease agreement and other documents and not anything beyond that. I am sure most of us (belonging to IT, etc) would not even be able to decipher if the papers they are showing are the proper papers or not. In some cases, it might even happen that the builder papers are complete but still we run into trouble since the problem lied at NA end.

So the problem might not be at the builder end, but still we end users would suffer for not apparent fault of ours. Also, since most of us must have taken CLP or Flexi plans, the sooner we get to know about the real scene, the better it would be for us.

My question to you is :
1) Can we form a group and file an RTI seeking information for the land aquisition details in these sectors ?
2) Some of us may be working as Lawyers or in the Press or some Govt Agencies and using their credentials if they can get internal information from Noida Authority itself.
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