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UP 2012 Elections & Property Investment in Noida/GN/NE/Ghaziabad regions


UP 2012 Elections & Property Investment in Noida/GN/NE/Ghaziabad regions

Last updated: June 3 2011
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  • UP 2012 Elections & Property Investment in Noida/GN/NE/Ghaziabad regions

    Political stability and alignment determines the future development potential of a region/area/state.

    I'm highlighting brief history of Ghaziabad/Noida/Greater Noida/Gurgaon region to drive home this point.

    For all the people who were looking for investment in property for the price range of 1500 psf - 2000 psf Ghaziabad will emerge as a magnet in Short term.

    History reckons that Ghaziabad was always the contender for most happening destination for property investment.

    1) In mid-Nineties (1991-1996),

    During height of property boom and then burst. Ghaziabad was touted to be the next Delhi Extn for its proximity to CP, ITO areas, at that time, IT, ITES and BPO was not in picture. Most of the people were working either in government or they were looking for opportunities in industries in Noida areas (Since Noida was planned and developed in 70s and 80s - It had a head start)

    Industry preferred planned development of Noida instead of Ghaziabad. Ghaziabad lost to Noida.

    I still remember the Hafeez Contractor designed multi-story flats were sold for obscene 1 Cr (Equivalent of Rs 25 cr today) in vaishali opposite Anand Vihar ISBT (You can see them today- Pure Khandar). They were talk of the town then. No one could imagine 25 story flats then. in 1996, with property downturn, things changed for the worst. Ghaziabad dreams died.

    2) Late Nineties and first decade of 21st Century (1997-2007)
    IT and BPO emerged on the national scene. While the UP was undergoing social transformation, development was least on the agenda. There were short lived governments from SP, BSP and BJP in UP. Bangalore and Hyderabad stole march on development front. They became IT Hubs.
    Gurgoan stole march on BPO front courtesy GE and American Express.

    NOIDA and Ghaziabad remained in hibernation.


    Mayawati government removed instability from UPs political scene, but was handicapped because Center's support was not there. Host of development activities were kick-started e.g. Yamuna Expressway, Ganga Expressway and Upper Ganga Expressway to Dehradun. International airport at Greater Noida.

    All of these infrastructure projects are being developed in Noida/Greater Noida region, people saw the potential and invested here.

    Now, since we have elections in 2012, Congress/SP want to stall the LIMITED development activities in UP to send signal to the masses that BSP is not pro farmers.

    Given a choice most of the people would prefer easily accessible, PLANNED developed area to reside. In 2010, with revival of property market most of the people in 1000 psft- 2000 psft were prized out of Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad markets. Most of these people were investing in Indirapuram, vaishali, Crossing Republik and Raj Nagar Extn areas in Ghaziabad.
    Development here was mostly unplanned. Kachhi colonies are everywhere. 70% of population lives in this unplanned development (Just like Delhi)

    Then came Noida Extension with slew of projects. Noida Extn was easily accessible and is being planned and developed like Noida. It was a setback for Ghaziabad

    Projects like Crossing Republik - Raj Nagar Extn stopped in their tracks.

    I believe, going forward in short term Ghaziabad will gain at expense of Noida Extn. This is a minor trend.

    All those who are looking to invest in UP, should wait for UP elections to get over. Political stability and alignment determines development prospects of a state/Area/Region.

    If Congress comes (low probability) then it will be a huge +ve for UP. Greater Noida international airport will take off. Property investment in Noida region will pick pace.

    If BSP comes then development will be at current pace. No fireworks. We have to look for 2014 general elections for any upside where Mayawati can play a Kingmaker or herself becomes a Queen.

    If there is a hung assembly in UP. All are doomed.

    There is one important development going on i.e. Central govt. promise to pass upgraded Land acquisition act 1894 in coming mansoon session. It will have huge bearing on Noida Extension cases.

    Lets hope for the best.

    Your comments please.

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    Re : UP 2012 Elections & Property Investment in Noida/GN/NE/Ghaziabad regions

    Thanks Trojan for quite informative post. Although there are quite a few factual incorrectness but the key message is clear and quite interesting.


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      Re : UP 2012 Elections & Property Investment in Noida/GN/NE/Ghaziabad regions

      thnax for such valuable information!

      thanx for such valuable information!

      i do belive that NE will get back from such rough patches.n why not its BMW' area.she cant make sailence more and loose their support from farmers specialy when she is in form...
      i think their would be some BONANZZA for formers in todays meeting n she will cash this situation from both hands.

      "My wish for mankind a roof for every one"


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        Re : UP 2012 Elections & Property Investment in Noida/GN/NE/Ghaziabad regions

        fire works already started .....

        Mayawati announces new land acquisition policy

        Mayawati announces new land acquisition policy - The Times of India

        We should kiss good bye to 2000 psf levels in Noida Extension

        Politics playing its part, again.


        Have any questions or thoughts about this?