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Green Beauty Farms Noida Expressway


Green Beauty Farms Noida Expressway

Last updated: May 21 2018
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    Re : Green Beauty Farms Noida Expressway

    Who is stopping a farmer to construct the house if it is outside the purview of authority. This country or per se any country cant make any policy adverse to farmers. These farmhouses are sold of course at wet land and come under the district administration with ruling of Panchayat. Authority does not have anything to do until the land is notified. District administration has to be paid for the revenue for farming. All those members advocating authority stand must first read Panchayati Raj System. All those farmers who have been agitating quite a long generally clued by authority officials only.


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      Re : Green Beauty Farms Noida Expressway

      Can anyone give idea about the rates at HPS pls?
      Also how is this compared to Green Beauty?



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        Re : Green Beauty Farms Noida Expressway

        I dont know abt the price but after cominG across this forum, I just spoke to my prop dealer(I have been dealinG with him since last 11 years), there is a plot area just behind AMR mall at YE way of about 5 hectare on which farm houses are planned. rates are apprx 3.5k per yard.


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          Re : Green Beauty Farms Noida Expressway

          Originally posted by lalitonhp View Post
          I dont know abt the price but after cominG across this forum, I just spoke to my prop dealer(I have been dealinG with him since last 11 years), there is a plot area just behind AMR mall at YE way of about 5 hectare on which farm houses are planned. rates are apprx 3.5k per yard.
          Thanks, but actually I wanted to know more about HPS farms price and plus/minus points about it. Please see if your broker can provide some info on this or you can PM me his number.


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            Re : Green Beauty Farms Noida Expressway

            Originally posted by zohaib2012 View Post
            MM bhai....these are not farmhouses....but farmlands...!!!!!

            You are supposed to do farming on them..

            Construction not alllowed.

            The biggest catch of such schemes are NRIs who dream of living in a posh farmhouse just 5 kms off expressway and 10 mins drive to south delhi...!!!!

            Noida authority is FULLY aware that this is illegal....on flood plains....and have no clearances...yet they are allowed to advertise...participate in property expps, etc.....

            Nothing Like India !!!!
            Entire Noida area is flooded on one side by Yamuna other side by Hindon. Before makinG any comment please GO thru this


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              Re : Green Beauty Farms Noida Expressway

              Originally posted by ankitmittal14 View Post
              Can you please more explore about illegal..registry is happening for these lands..I don't have much knowledge of farm land so can you please give some insight related to it..I know on farm land you can't build can only be used as farm land..can build house without any linter..If this land is illegal how the seller is doing registry with NA..
              Acc. to my knowledge, these aren't proper agricultural lands i.e. For which a farmer gets compensation if acquired.
              Actualy, they r floodplains belonging to UP Irrigation dept. that had been given to local villagers for farming and can be transferred with restrictions in bulk land holdings viz 20-30acres sizes but not small plots.
              In past 10-20yrs ago, these lands were of zero value as during high rainfall, these used to submerge in river water.
              Except farming, it was of no use & there were no takers for plots even in posh sec- 15A at dat tym.

              So, if u r buying a small plot of 1008yd then it's risky for use as a farmhouse/villa/ motel etc but if u can then should buy 20-30acres nd put it to its bonafide legal use with noc from admin.


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                Re : Green Beauty Farms Noida Expressway

                Originally posted by iMohak View Post
                The arguments, logic and everything else is perfectly in order. But let me go back in history. Maybe around 25 years. To a time when very similar legal infra status w.r.t to farms in Delhi was, as is today in NOIDA currently for the farm land being sold by many developers. Infact similar status also holds in some areas of pataudi, gurgaon (around CRPF/CWG zone) too.

                There was a chance to buy a farm house in chattarpur for around 2 lakh rupees. But ofcourse we made a more logical choice that a lot of folks may want to go with.

                The result is, 1-2 lakhs in say late 1980s is now worth over 35 crores! Roughly 40% CAGR.

                Factors governing this growth:
                - the city expanded around the farms
                - powerful people inhabited the farms
                - vote banks in the surrounding areas
                - india/delhi grew
                - the rich got farms, then they got tired of claustrophobic cities, and moved to farms
                - an ecosystem of weddings, parties caused commercial value of land to shoot

                If you have surplus money, some clout / farmer status, really want to own a farm as a dream, and can take a medium to large amounts of risk farms can be a value.

                I am not too sure which area around Noida will cater to the rich of noida to make farm houses. But if there would be a time in 7-12 years, and you think this area it could be, well, you know where I am going.

                PS - its only because hindsight is 20:20 I can say things with such confidence. If the prices in Gadaipur, Sultanpur, Madangir, Khanpur, Sainik Farms, Neb Sarai wouldn't have grown so massively this advice would not have been there and I would have followed exactly what tricyclist suggests.
                iMohak ji,
                Agar risk hi lena hai to Delhi mei 1639 illegal colonies me se kisi me invest kariye, kam se kam paise yamuna mei to nai doobainge...


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                  Re : Green Beauty Farms Noida Expressway

                  Originally posted by prakashjh24 View Post
                  these are the prices being quoted but no one is buying...these are just the company the same time I invested in a farmers quota plot 20k sq mtr..In abt 4 yrs thats gone upto 80k+ a sq mtr and a further potential of going upto 1.5 lacs per sq mtr in another 2 yrs....Plus no sleepless nights and clean deal..All infrastructure being provided by NA on priority..undergroud wiring/ drainage, wide roads etc...

                  it depends on individual's risk apetite and opportunity cost...
                  Good point I also think farmer's quota land could be a better and risk free choice. Any one having suggestions or options of farmer's quota land available in areas with high return.
                  Thanks a lot... Regards


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                    Re : Green Beauty Farms Noida Expressway

                    Dkrrish company...GreenBeauty farms owner

                    'dkrrish builders pvt ltd', with whom the deal is done for purchase of green beauty farms is a non existing company. As per the Indian Companies Act, all companies have to be registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Anyone can go and check Ministry Of Corporate Affairs - Home for verification. The name and details of dkrrish are missing
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                      Re : Green Beauty Farms Noida Expressway


                      I have invested (wasted) over 40 hours in understanding this place.

                      I met Mr. T at least 3 times. Any one who is remotely familiar with this place will know who I am referring to. He is a nice gentleman but he is also a developer/builder/businessman.

                      Here is the deal:
                      If one buys this for end use then risk is low. But if one is looking from a investment standpoint then please consider following facts:
                      a) They charge Rs.150/- per sq yard (1.5 Lacs) as transfer fees.
                      b) They even have PLC which they them self claim only started couple of years ago (read this as Major Greed).
                      c) They charge you for mutation and not all the farm land can be mutated because a particular farm can fall in one of the 6-7 different villages and depending upon the situation it can or CANNOT be mutated. (Reg Flag).
                      d) Nothing happens there unless Mr. T blesses it (read Baapgiri). He is the mai baap and nothing happens if he doesn't want to do it.. so as a investor you are at the WHIMs and MERCY of this one gentleman; even though people put their hard earned money they cannot sell it unless Baapji gives you the permission to sell it.
                      e) Annual maintenance is compulsory and again Baapji decides the rate and for the existing plots since they never paid the maintenance so if you are thinking of buying it on resale then Baapji invokes penalty and outstanding dues of few lacs (interest is not even in picture so far in this story). Basically again this thwarts the investor to sell it to someone.
                      f) very proudly they also mentioned that couple of years back Hig court ordered to demolish all these farm house/land. But Baapji was able to have it stopped and he charged 1 lac /bigha for the SO CALLED LEGAL BATTLE (getting stay order). What stops Baapji to collect more money in future from Green Beuaty Farm Land Owners. One is signing up for an open ended expense account for fighthing legal issues in future... which will require deep pockets.

                      So after going through all this hassle of figuring out one feels whatever rate Baapji says one will have to pay and since investor cannot sell it in open market only Baapji can buy it at the price he wants to buy. So by INVESTING here you are getting a Baapji in Dowry and investor will have to dance on Baapji's music.

                      I am novice and must have understood this totally wrong but this is my humble assessment.

                      What has become of our country... people get by with anything and AAM admi / middle class gets the bamboo anywhere they turn.

                      With sad emotions and lots of prayer in my heart, wish you all the best who are thinking of investing in this place. I bid good bye!

                      AGNC2001 (earlier investorggn)


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                        paramjeet1910 commented
                        Editing a comment
                        Have u finally bought a farm house or not.? I would like to know more about "baapji"
                    Have any questions or thoughts about this?