In yesterday's Forbes India edition, I had a very peculiar finding in an article. The article was about Noida's builders, and whatever is quoted in Forbes cannot be taken lightly, their sources are always with substance. Following is the link, and quote I am referring to:

"However, developers like Amrapali and Supertec insist that things are in control. They talk of bringing in ‘pre-cast’ technology, which basically involves bringing readymade walls and pillars to be assembled at the construction site. Developers say this technology will allow them to work at almost three times the current pace."

Read more: Forbes India - Noida’s New Landlords

Can some members here with the Engineering background please throw some light on the following:

What ‘pre-cast’ technology are they referring to? As far as I know, this precast technology is used in building bridges, flyovers etc. Never heard in residential building constructions. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Amrapali, Supertech are building 20+ floor residential buildings. Can the 20 story pillars be made "precast", even in parts and assembled later? Can such a structure be supported?

Secondly, about the walls, I know precast walls are used in Western countries. They are not brick and cemented walls. Rather they are sheet rock walls supported by wooden and aluminium frames. Is it possible to precast a brick and cemented wall and move and assemble it on 20 floors of the building? I believe it is impossible! Please correct me if I am wrong.

If they plan a building with the sheet rock construction, the very design of the building should be different. No one in India would ever buy or live in a cheap sheet rock constructed flat. That would also mean no concrete floor bases, but different materials for the floors bases also.

In all the construction photographs of the lower floors and basements, I am not seeing any sheet rock construction till now and only brick walls and pillars being strenghthened and progressed by the lenters afresh, and which will take its own time to construct.

I really need to know what these Supertech and Amrapali guys are talking about witht the Forbes. It would be very reckless to talk in air without the substance with Forbes, that would only show their desperation to hide the soar truth.

I already think there are 50% chances of failure in their projects, and if someone confirms to me that what they are talking is just nonsense, then I would escalate their failure chances from 50 to 75%.

Please comment.
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  • As many already highlighted, column/pillars are not generally pre-casted, except for speed building or ultra highrise.

    Regarding cost; labour cost is definitely one factor, but there are many and many more factors that determines the overall cost of a project... some are tangible and some are intangible. For example, cost of finance... the more you delay the more interest you pay ... or say damage of reputation due to quality or workmanship.... (aab yeh mat bolna ke naanga khoyega kya?)

    In simple term, there are many and many factors that determines the overall cost of RE development and it is not easy to say that pre-cast is 2 times costlier than traditional approach. You ask them and they will have data to prove that their approach is better... it is called marketing.

    Now the big question... whether Amrapali or Supertech can do this .... I think all the people here for some days already knows the answer.
  • Originally Posted by g.harondabhai
    As many already highlighted, column/pillars are not generally pre-casted, except for .

    Thanks g.harondabhai for beautifu illustrations. A Picture speaks a thousand words!
  • Originally Posted by MANOJa
    Interesting discussion & topic .

    R there any architects/civil engineers around, who can enlighten us here .

    Btw, i don't think Amarpali and Supertech have done any path breaking work in the past ( correct me, if i am wrong here ) & may be willing to adopt latest technologies viz. the cost factor of any of the latest & not so common, methods of construction .

    I remember one architect .. that is Akshay Kumar in one of the comedy movie... I guess Awara Pagaal ... the movie with Shahid Kapoor, Sunit Shetty, Om Puri, Johny Liver... all goes to Dubai!!
  • To my understanding - No builder in NE will do construction itself, rather they will give contract to some construction companies. So, its not about capability of Amrapali or Supertech or any other builder, they will simply give contract to some capable construction companies.

    I know 10 towers of Mahagun MyWoods is being constructed by "B L Gupta Construction"

    Also, GaurCity is being constructed by many construction companies includign AIG Infra etc.

    So, if NE builders contract with good/reputed construction companies, then it is possible.

    Not sure about its cost part.
  • Jaypee Greens using precast at wish town noida...

    Here's the link:

    Don't know about Amrapali, but supertech might be using it for northeye now that they have engaged B.E. Billimoria...
  • Originally Posted by rita shukla
    Here's the link:

    Don't know about Amrapali, but supertech might be using it for northeye now that they have engaged B.E. Billimoria...

    Superteck can use this technology for NorthEye definitely because the Basic Sales Price of NorthEye is several times more than others. For the descriptions and video / photo it is sure that such technologies can not be cheap because even wall are being made by lots of aluminium , steel , cement work hence cost wise can not compare it with normal cheap bricks walls.

    For NorthEye however Basic Sale Price is very high but again booking is not as high as affordable housings so finally it will be interesting to see what will happen finally. In NCR where even it is not easy to sell 15th floor by builders, will builder be able to sell 55th floor?
  • supertech quality...

    You may be right because half of Assotech Celeste in Sector-44 is still unsold. The builders will never release the actual data, but the market buzz is that northeye has managed to sell quite a lot! People, I must say, still trust supertech quality and don't mind putting their lives at risk. I don't know whether the Mumbai-based Billimoria, who have built some Jaypee Greens Crescent Court towers and would be doing one tower of G+25 floors at IREO Victory Valley, Gurgaon, would be good enough. They are, however, supposed to be doing Lodha Bellissimo at Lower Parel, Mumbai, which is stilt + 50 floors.
  • It is true that Supertech & Amrapali are going with precast technology. This technology is very fast as compare to normal cast in situ construction. Some reputed other builders are also thinking for implementation of this technology. It is true that this technology has taken lot of time o implementation in India but in last 2 years this technology is growing very fast in India. There are lot of advantages of this technology.
    Some important advantages are

    1. Time saving
    2. Less manpower required
    3. Quality
    4. Cost benefits

    In south India this technology is growing very fast because lower seismic zones. Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida in high seismic zone so this technology is not growing here so much. But now lot of precast design companies(Vahanen) are coming in India with possible solution in High seismic zone with the help of precast experts. In high seismic region 100% precast construction is not possible but we can make 70% precast building with some cast in situ shear wall for stability. I am my self working design of precast structure for Supertech.

    We are working in this technology in step wise. Like intially we have designed precast podium then precast hollow core slab with cast in situ vertical elements and now precast holoow core, precast wall, precast beams with some cast in situ shear walls.

    In India it is very difficult for builders to understand benefits of this technology because initially this technology required some investment and they compare this investment with building cost. But my dear friends this investment is only one time investment. But now some builders(Supertech, Amarpali, Jindal, Brigade, VME etc.) are thinking very broadly and developing precast technology on large scale.

    I understand every new technology takes some time to develop. But after developing it starts to give benefits to you. Vahanen is already have lot of design work for precast in India.

    Best Regards
    Manish Khandelwal
    Structural Design Engineer
    Vahanen Building Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • seems like amrapali and supertech are really evaluating this option ..

    see pg 5 in the attachment
  • Originally Posted by trialsurvey
    seems like amrapali and supertech are really evaluating this option ..

    see pg 5 in the attachment

    could be this is just a marketing gimmick by both builders... charge more by claiming they use better tech.

    Waise bhi Amrapali and Supertech are notorious.
  • Originally Posted by zangoora
    could be this is just a marketing gimmick by both builders... charge more by claiming they use better tech.

    Waise bhi Amrapali and Supertech are notorious.

    might be possible

    but the pdf above is from the website of Innovela Ltd

    and if u see on pg 5 it clearly mentions that amrapali and supertech are their clients ... so it seems this "precast " buzz word is not just a marketing word and looks like amrapali and supertech are really serious about using it for expediting the pace of construction in noida extn
  • Very informative!

    Being from supertech, do you know if supertech ecovillage 3 is 100% precast or 70% with situ shear wall ( as you mentioned required for high seismic zone areas).

    Also, please let us know if precast bricks are better than hollow ash bricks & concrete modular structure (like used by delhi metro & ace city, etc. ) ?