In yesterday's Forbes India edition, I had a very peculiar finding in an article. The article was about Noida's builders, and whatever is quoted in Forbes cannot be taken lightly, their sources are always with substance. Following is the link, and quote I am referring to:

"However, developers like Amrapali and Supertec insist that things are in control. They talk of bringing in ‘pre-cast’ technology, which basically involves bringing readymade walls and pillars to be assembled at the construction site. Developers say this technology will allow them to work at almost three times the current pace."

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Can some members here with the Engineering background please throw some light on the following:

What ‘pre-cast’ technology are they referring to? As far as I know, this precast technology is used in building bridges, flyovers etc. Never heard in residential building constructions. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Amrapali, Supertech are building 20+ floor residential buildings. Can the 20 story pillars be made "precast", even in parts and assembled later? Can such a structure be supported?

Secondly, about the walls, I know precast walls are used in Western countries. They are not brick and cemented walls. Rather they are sheet rock walls supported by wooden and aluminium frames. Is it possible to precast a brick and cemented wall and move and assemble it on 20 floors of the building? I believe it is impossible! Please correct me if I am wrong.

If they plan a building with the sheet rock construction, the very design of the building should be different. No one in India would ever buy or live in a cheap sheet rock constructed flat. That would also mean no concrete floor bases, but different materials for the floors bases also.

In all the construction photographs of the lower floors and basements, I am not seeing any sheet rock construction till now and only brick walls and pillars being strenghthened and progressed by the lenters afresh, and which will take its own time to construct.

I really need to know what these Supertech and Amrapali guys are talking about witht the Forbes. It would be very reckless to talk in air without the substance with Forbes, that would only show their desperation to hide the soar truth.

I already think there are 50% chances of failure in their projects, and if someone confirms to me that what they are talking is just nonsense, then I would escalate their failure chances from 50 to 75%.

Please comment.
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