Haven't seen a thread on this project in this forum hence starting one.

Anyone heard of it yet? I got mailer from 2 days back about this. this has studio+2bhk aprtments, bsp is 2850. Location doesn't look impressive as its behind BG coming from eway. But one good thing is typeA aprtmnts have 2 aprtments/floor and its G+14.
Have few Q's:
BOP is said to be mkting partner..Wht's that? Logix is way behind 3c in terms of mkting, so are they hiring professionals to do this on their behalf?
CP Kukreja is architect n engineers .. Any info on their reputation pls?
Who are the builders/contractors for this?
Couldn't find expected delivery date in the site.
Sector 141 is just opp this prj, anyone has first hand idea of that sector? Is it a village?

I'll call logix office tmrw morning to inquire about these but any details by members of this forum is welcome.


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  • Very high. Resale rate is around 3400 BSP. I am myself selling at that price.
  • This is a very good project in terms of locality and even recommended at NDTV profit (property) number of times. The quality of construction by Simplex Infrastructure is far better from various other builders who are executing the works through petty vendors. However Good resale price depends on the unit facing and most importantly the urgency of the seller.

    Went to Logix office and was informed that possession shall start from 1st quarter 2015. There is a distant possibility of possession by next year June seeing the parallel activities like brickwork, plaster, plumbing & FF works in progress at the same time. Also informed by Logix representative that they are finalising the orders to agencies for finishing works such as flooring, wood works.

  • Good to see the confidence, but I beg to differ. Per my assessment Zest will not be a good project in the future.
  • Originally Posted by sachinsikri
    Good to see the confidence, but I beg to differ. Per my assessment Zest will not be a good project in the future.

    As per my POV there will always be a significant difference in pricing of 2BHK and studio in Zest. It can be seen today also. These are a lot of distress sellers of studio but a lesser in 2BHK. If there were less no of studio , definitely Zest would have been a good project.
  • Hello Sir,

    I want to invest 20 lakhs INR please suggest options.

  • Originally Posted by rkalia7
    yes floor height has been increased to 17 floor for studio flats , what effect it will have on resale prices . currently resale is around 3600 rs bsp. whether prices will decrease because of floor increase.

    pl comment

    17 floors will not make a difference. Earlier Zest was launched with 21 floors, which later got reduced to 12 floors and now 17.
    It wont have any negative impact, I believe.
  • When is the possession expected .....???
  • Originally Posted by cajatinjinda
    When is the possession expected .....???

    A genuine query and a matter of real concern.

    Logix guys are bluffing for possession in 1st quarter next year. This is not practically possible seeing the balance works. They are doing plaster work one floor per month and are in the 2nd floor level in tower A (which is in advanced stage compared to other towers). For plaster itself they require minimum 10 months if work is expedited henceforth, keeping a proper coordination with the MEP activities. Then the other finishing works like door - window frames, tiling, painting, lift installation, external painting, landscapping etc to follow. Also there is no activity in the non tower areas and have not even started yet. I guess they have already slowed down the progress from March' 14 onwards.

  • The hv also taken almost 85% of demand for tower A..

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  • I have recently talked to Mr. Rohit (sales head).. According to him possession for Tower D will be in July 2015.
  • rates for studios increased to 5290/-. What about the 2 bhks.
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  • No increase in the prices of 2BHK... Is there no demand for 2BHK..
  • Can someone add me to blossom zest, yahoo group

    Zest-BBA-queries-v1.0.0_02May12.doc uploaded at

    Can someone add me to blossom zest, yahoo group
  • Originally Posted by saurabsharma
    Can someone add me to blossom zest, yahoo group

    Please also add me to this yahoo group. I bought a 2 bhk unit in A tower last year.