Haven't seen a thread on this project in this forum hence starting one.

Anyone heard of it yet? I got mailer from 2 days back about this. this has studio+2bhk aprtments, bsp is 2850. Location doesn't look impressive as its behind BG coming from eway. But one good thing is typeA aprtmnts have 2 aprtments/floor and its G+14.
Have few Q's:
BOP is said to be mkting partner..Wht's that? Logix is way behind 3c in terms of mkting, so are they hiring professionals to do this on their behalf?
CP Kukreja is architect n engineers .. Any info on their reputation pls?
Who are the builders/contractors for this?
Couldn't find expected delivery date in the site.
Sector 141 is just opp this prj, anyone has first hand idea of that sector? Is it a village?

I'll call logix office tmrw morning to inquire about these but any details by members of this forum is welcome.


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  • Possession Date is 2015 End....

    Also is it true that Logix Zest flat (at around 23 lakhs all inclsuive for 1bhk) is the chepeast among all projects for noida expressway....

    can anybody tell any project which is lower than logix blossom zest .

    Originally Posted by blue2012
    can anyone share the possession date for this project.
  • anybody have any idea ..how many floors it has ? earlier there was 17th ..has it now been changed again ..
  • is this Logix a diff company or same 3C/Lotus only name change?
    who r the promoter/owner of Logix?
  • Originally Posted by bombayre
    is this Logix a diff company or same 3C/Lotus only name change?
    who r the promoter/owner of Logix?

    Logix is even worse than 3C, ab khud hi samajh lo bhai ;)
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  • Hi, I have 2 flats - 990 in Logix Zest. My worry is that since Logix has sold FAR to SAHA group and SAHA is constructing approx equivalent 40 odd story hight building in front of 2 BHK in 5 acre so this will obstruct the open veiw and Light / Air.

    SAHA have already started the construction and i have ment at SAHA site office as well and the consruction which they are doing is same for almost same hight building considering roof hieght of its floor and other facilities provided by them vertically.

    Has anyone have any feedback from Logix on this, since this will seriously affect the living conditions and hence resale price.

  • what is the Yahoo group where i can join.
  • I also have a 2BHK unit. I agree with Sachin that the Saha buildings will affect zest. We must have a collective approach to deal with Logix regarding all the issues particularly possession. Today just spoke to Rohit and asked why such slow progress in zest. He said due to unavailability of labour and water logging problems ----- all such stuffs. Possession dates quoted by him are Zest - Oct'15, Greens - April' 15 and County - Jan' 15. Wait for another 6 months and they will again quote March'16 as possession for Zest. Go through the PMC certificate in their website and see that only one floor of brick work has been done in last 3 months.

    Someone kindly include us in the yahoo groups and let us approach Logix collectively. We should fix a date for meeting and seek for proper answer from Senior Management of Logix, otherwise these fellows will take us on ride.

    Can anyone suggest the name of a senior official whom we can approach.

  • Do have anyone update on LBZ? Any news?
  • Originally Posted by Markan
    Do have anyone update on LBZ? Any news?

    hello markan ji .... i am getting lots of calls for Rs 3200-3500 (basic) resale ... anything wrong with the project ? how come people are willing to sell at such low rates ??
    :bab (38):
  • Its was really surprising. I wanted to sell and in touch with one buyer. As I am living in some another state. Buyer went and saw the construction. Today, when I got the feedback, he was saying that project is very congested. There is no green area, there are only constructions of tower. Once people will come to stay than problems will be more.
    And he was saying only brick construction was completed. It will take 12-18 months to completion.

    I want to abuse to builder but its social site so I cannot F**k abuse logix builders. They are doing cheating and making money. I think its worst project at expressway.

    :-( so friends fingers crossed, dont expect any premium.
  • Any impact of recent news of Metro approval on this route which also includes sector - 143..
  • I think this is the good news, if it is approved for sec 143.

    Originally Posted by cajatinjinda
    Any impact of recent news of Metro approval on this route which also includes sector - 143..
  • any info about latest demand from logix