Haven't seen a thread on this project in this forum hence starting one.

Anyone heard of it yet? I got mailer from 2 days back about this. this has studio+2bhk aprtments, bsp is 2850. Location doesn't look impressive as its behind BG coming from eway. But one good thing is typeA aprtmnts have 2 aprtments/floor and its G+14.
Have few Q's:
BOP is said to be mkting partner..Wht's that? Logix is way behind 3c in terms of mkting, so are they hiring professionals to do this on their behalf?
CP Kukreja is architect n engineers .. Any info on their reputation pls?
Who are the builders/contractors for this?
Couldn't find expected delivery date in the site.
Sector 141 is just opp this prj, anyone has first hand idea of that sector? Is it a village?

I'll call logix office tmrw morning to inquire about these but any details by members of this forum is welcome.


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  • Originally Posted by sambyme
    My friend is considering to buy 1 BHK but they have told him to wait till diwali as transfer or even fresh sell is put on hold.

    at what bsp ? and how much is AI, is parking 1.5l ?
  • 1.5 mein open parking .... agar resale mein loge to 2.5 mein covered ...bsp 3790 - 4% for construction linked ....-6% for flexi ... baaki if resale is ok ... buy from bop ...additional loading 7-8 lakhs 2 bhk..
  • i am getting 2BHK at BSP 3790 - 10.25 % for flexi additional is around 7-8. so total is around 40.5 .resale price is 3350.
  • if you can afford flexi payment terms then i think buying in fresh is a better option as Zest will not allow any re-sale trf before festive season is over. also you may get the inventory in new tower so you may get some extra days. re-sale prices may come around 3300 as there are many big investors who are trying to exit so just negotiate hard. also parking i 1l cheaper in re-sale
    compare intial amount to pay & total price and choose a better option.
  • is it true that there is no park side unit available .my broker told me this.
  • logix zest

    yes sir those who are booking in fresh studio are getting units in tower 5 and 6 for which the construction has not yet started as these are new towers.

    so the customer will get ample time for collecting funds and paying. both5 and 6 are new towers for studios
  • sambyme ..i auggest u to sign the deal and tae time for transfer ...its the best way otherwise when transfer opens rates will rise...

    its a safest way ...mention cluase in agrrement ..rgiht now u shud get a deal arond 3300 ...my guess....
  • Originally Posted by Gabarsingh
    sambyme ..i auggest u to sign the deal and tae time for transfer ...its the best way otherwise when transfer opens rates will rise...

    its a safest way ...mention cluase in agrrement ..rgiht now u shud get a deal arond 3300 ...my guess....

    How much will 1BHK cost in resale and in fresh.. How much payment gone in resale units (Approx.).. Pls mention details if you have.. thanks...
  • hi sam ....33 to 3400 bsp is okay...park facing should be in higher floors .... 20,21,22 wud be available if us are lucky... u can buy 990 sq ft ..in tower F probably unit no 2 or unit 3 ...i.e. F 703, F704, F705 ...u can see the layout ... that will be facing that long green are of one BHK side ...book it before rates increase ..
  • i have again checked only park facing available is in 19th floor.cityguy -do you know any broker who can give me unit in less than 3400?
  • very difficult ... try ur luck by talking to 2-3 brokers.... waise around 3400 is a decent price in flexi ... resale bhi to itne mein hi ha

  • Hi,
    A new doubt has come sir.

    HDFC is offering down payment plan for this project also.
    and i am getting 15% discount on this ,5% more compared to flexi.it means i can save upto 2.5 lacs .i have some doubts-
    1. if down payment then from 1st day i will have to pay full EMI(which will be less of what i have to pay after 2 years in flexi plan as loan would be less) but i think right now down payment is better than flexi as if i book flat today through flexi ,i will have to pay up to
    - On Completion of 5th Floor Slab
    (10% + IDC ) upto 80% of loan amount .
    and in downpayment case i will pay 100% of loan .
    as you can see below:
    On Application of Booking
    As applicable

    60 Days from Booking
    45% less Booking Amount

    On Completion of foundation
    10%+Car Parking space

    On Completion of basement Slab
    10%+ EDC

    On Completion of 5th Floor Slab

    On Completion of 8th Floor Slab
    10% + PLC as applicable

    On Completion of 13th Floor slab
    10% + Electric Sub Station Charges

    At the time of offer of possession
    5% +Club Membership+ IFMS+ Lease rent

    2. if construction is stopped even then i will have to pay EMI in down payment case.
    is this possibility?
  • Has any Govt bank started giving loan for Zest?
  • probably bank of baroda ... logix guy told me ... didnt speak to the loan guy yet
  • i think flexi shud be ok ... baaki aap excel par hisaab laga lo .... total 22 floors ... abhi around 2nd floor hai ... 1 floor per month.... so 20 months for structure ... + 6 to 12 more months for completion ... interest ka hisaab laga lo .... construction pace to theek hai ...10 crane lagi hai chhote se plot mein ... banega to hai hi ... thats my take ... baaki seniors please advise