Haven't seen a thread on this project in this forum hence starting one.

Anyone heard of it yet? I got mailer from 2 days back about this. this has studio+2bhk aprtments, bsp is 2850. Location doesn't look impressive as its behind BG coming from eway. But one good thing is typeA aprtmnts have 2 aprtments/floor and its G+14.
Have few Q's:
BOP is said to be mkting partner..Wht's that? Logix is way behind 3c in terms of mkting, so are they hiring professionals to do this on their behalf?
CP Kukreja is architect n engineers .. Any info on their reputation pls?
Who are the builders/contractors for this?
Couldn't find expected delivery date in the site.
Sector 141 is just opp this prj, anyone has first hand idea of that sector? Is it a village?

I'll call logix office tmrw morning to inquire about these but any details by members of this forum is welcome.


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  • I am getting 3490/- on CLP for Zest.

    At what rate, u booked flat in unihome1?

    Originally Posted by noidacitizen
    avoid Unitech.. I have invested in unhome1 since 2009, not sure when will i get possession..
    Sector 143 will take time to get developed.. whats rate ur getting in zest 143?
  • around 2900... what size did u book? got any discount? booked direct or thru broker?
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  • what are the future prospests of booking a flat in logix zest considering that logix group has sooo many projects running in noida?
    is it worth buying a flat there? plzz suggest.
  • 3490 is basic rate. what are the other charges ?
  • For those who are interested in Zest - One of my friend is looking to book a studio apt. He is being offered 4% discount on bsp of 3490 + 1 lakh discount on car parking + 0.5% credit note. The inventory shown to him was good...low floors and central greens facing. I think it is a decent project ( current rate) for those looking to invest, given the potential for renting out in the future. However, I dont like the fact that there are 20 studios on each floor in each tower!
  • I was also looking to book in this project but decided against it when came to know that there are around 2800 1 bnhk in this project.....its a huge supply and dont think resale will be very easy in this project...
  • Sir
    thank god you finally realised the same..
  • yes, but still undecided where to invest looking at Ajnara studio near F1 track...
    If i can hold for 3-4 years,it could turn out to be a good investment...
  • What price acc to you it can fetch in 4 years time??
    Like all inc 5000?
  • all inclusive at present is 3000 + 100 plc for f1 facing....if f1 gets gng regularly which it will then rentals could be very high...and yes 5000 is easily achievable...
  • 3 bhk and 4 bhk tower launch in Zest


    A broker called up today to inform that Logix is in the process of launching new 3 and 4bhk towers in zest at 3490/- BSP plus extras.

    Anyone can confirm that and provide more info as to the layouts etc

  • I heard they are launching at 4250.
  • today its around 4000-4200 all incl.

    in 4 yrs, If given possession at stipulated time, it should be 7000 all inclusive

    Originally Posted by akash.g
    What price acc to you it can fetch in 4 years time??
    Like all inc 5000?
  • i have heard that logix zest has stopped booking . what will be the next price