Haven't seen a thread on this project in this forum hence starting one.

Anyone heard of it yet? I got mailer from 2 days back about this. this has studio+2bhk aprtments, bsp is 2850. Location doesn't look impressive as its behind BG coming from eway. But one good thing is typeA aprtmnts have 2 aprtments/floor and its G+14.
Have few Q's:
BOP is said to be mkting partner..Wht's that? Logix is way behind 3c in terms of mkting, so are they hiring professionals to do this on their behalf?
CP Kukreja is architect n engineers .. Any info on their reputation pls?
Who are the builders/contractors for this?
Couldn't find expected delivery date in the site.
Sector 141 is just opp this prj, anyone has first hand idea of that sector? Is it a village?

I'll call logix office tmrw morning to inquire about these but any details by members of this forum is welcome.


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  • Originally Posted by Gabarsingh
    dont trust anybody ..everybody will tell u its own story...
    the story told told by IC is true but its around 1 yr old but now everything is fine and may be this the reason price is underpriced too..
    best thing is go urself..see the site ..see the map ..main roads , check fresh and resale prices of surrounding projects and Go for the one u r convinced....
    i m sure u will go with logix zest if u do complete excersie..

  • what are you talking ? who is buying flats anyways , its just builder and broker playing game with each others, those who need Sikka in 3300-3700 ? its easier available, officially logix/Sikka increasing it to 4500 PSF just to pertain that oho real estate is boosting, there is big political insatiability awaits till 2014, after that it will be bigger insatiability in with 3rd front Govt, real estate not going to move 2-3 years except in back gear , till then don't jump the guns buying inflated flats
  • Resale rates of sikka and logix can nt be compared. Sikka karnam gren nd logix greens were launched at same tm bt current status shows the whole difference. For me , if i get same kind of unit at same price in sikka and logix , i would go fr logix..
  • Buststand news is catching fire..any news on dlf commercial in sec 143
  • Is the news hold ground that dlf commercial is planned I'n sector 143?
  • yex anybodt any idea on dlf commercial in sec 143..
  • Required End User Feedback Of The Project

    Hello All

    I have gone through the pages of this thread , seems like some end users not very happy with the builder.

    I am looking out for a property in Expressway. Around 1300 sqft.
    This project is also in my radar, hence please let me know about this project more.

    I request END USERS ,brokers please excuse, to let me know do they really feel cheated with this builder, & is it a good idea to go with this project, please give me pros and cons of this project and unbiased views with reasoning and logic to buy or not to buy.

    Thanks you for your efforts.
  • Looking for one BHK on lower floor in LZ tower ONE or Tower Two. Any one holding inventory ?
  • anyway building is now 12th floor only ..so even a mid location shud be nice...it shud be more airy tooo....u shud get at a price os rs 3600-3700..

    even lower location shud get at a smae rate
  • jack daniel whats the porice ur friend is expecting..is it lower or upper floor.
  • any update ?
  • Originally Posted by Gabarsingh
    any update ?

    @Gabarsingh : Genuine deals are now 3500 per sqft. 3450 was few days back when I sold 1 of my apartment. Rates will be 4000-4200 in 4-6 months as the sector is attracting end-users and investors (My prediction)
  • Logix full page advertisement in today's NBT offering 50:50 scheme in all of logix projects
  • Resale price in adjoining project Gulshan has reached ~ 4400/Sft.
  • Originally Posted by DareDevil11
    Logix full page advertisement in today's NBT offering 50:50 scheme in all of logix projects

    This 50-50 plan is for ZEST as well?? As on Greens and County site 50-50 plan is available but Zest site shows only DP,CLP,Flexi.