I have a 13th floor apartment in one of the soon to be completed projects by Mahagun. I just wanted to know how difficult it is to sell 13th floor apartments as compared to other floors. Has anybody ever faced any issues selling 13th floor apartment. Actually Mahagun has named the floor as 12A instead of 13. So is it just the number 13 that scares shit out of people or do they actually care about the count from the ground floor. Any insight/experience would be appreciated.

Are there more people like me who would'nt mind buying a 13th floor (rather 12A) numbered flat.

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  • We believe in all this mumbo jumbo about the number 13.What the heck 13 is also a number and you need to tret it accordingly.
    It is more important to do due diligence,check on builder history and important aspects of this nature rather than worry about floor number.