Hi Folks,

Though I have been reading lot of threads about Golf city but nothing in specific to gateway project within this township....

Before putting my hard-earned into any project I been suggested by lot many people around me about how to choose property and what made me to zero down on this property is:

a) Location- This is solely and most important factor of this project. As its very close to developed sectors like sec- 50, 51 where the per sq foot prices are ranging around 4500 - 5500

b) Buildup Area: I was initially interested only in ready-to- move properties or in projects which about to complete and then I visited Gaur gardne, Amarpali, Supertech... but am sorry to say the carpet area is very less.... loading is high up to 30% of super area... but in this project loading is around 20% only... which means bigger rooms and more space.

c) Socia facilities: Projects like 3cs, Paramount, Logix etc marketing their projects based on proposed plan of Metro.... but in this project you need not to worry as Center City station is hardly 3Kms away.... so... transportation/ connectivity won't be a challenge.

d) Assured & better returns: Projects close by to Gardenia are already in the range of 3300 to 3500 and just across the road the range is already touched to 5500 sq ft. Hence it'll pick up though slowly but surely...

I have been told by the builder and broker that land registry is done and it’s approved by HDFC bank, Axis bank and LIC housing finance which reassure the fact that land is cleared and approved by Noida authority.

Objective to open this thread to invite the people who have invested in Gateway and to publish the updates about the project.

I wish all the best to the forum.
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  • Gardenia Gateway

    Hi All,
    I had booked a flat in Gardenia gateway in a special scheme. The flat is not ready for possession, has exceeded all timelines and when I confronted the builder, he says that I should try to sell it to someone else, basically put my problems in someone else's life. By this, I am now being forced by the builder to become his broker. I fail to understand how this can be allowed to happen and the fact that the laws are on their side.
    Someone rightly said its the builder-bank nexus as the bank has verified the project and then given loan!
    I urge all those affected to form a group and take the builder to task. Please lets get together and bring the power of common man to this struggle. Please send me an email on gardeniavictims@gmail.com. Lets stand up to this fraud, together!!

    Please se d your email and phone number on this one so we can form a watsapp group too

    • Max Sachin1 years ago
      What is the current situation?

      I've also booked a flat in Oct'16 and paid 10% amount.
      I need to finish payment by this month.

      Please advice.
  • Mr. Gary,

    You seem to be quite impressed with Gardenia project. Is your scheme completed? What is the google group name? Anyone please help

  • Most delayed project.
  • Originally Posted by gardgateway
    Most delayed project.

    Couple of my friends booked here when I booked in a different project in 2009-10. They laughed at me then. People should make use of the election year to put pressure and get the projects completed. I know its easier said than done.
  • Originally Posted by kumar71
    couple of my friend booked here when I booked in a different project in 2009-10. They laughed at me then. People should make use of the election year to put pressure and get the projects completed. I know its easier said than done.

    In which project you booked sir in 2009-2010?
  • Originally Posted by mayank260287
    In which project you booked sir in 2009-2010?

    Amarapali Sapphire main liya bhai NE.
  • Originally Posted by ARJUNPUNJABI
    Amarapali Sapphire main liya bhai NE.

    Sapphire and Gardenia sec 75 ka koi comparision nhi h. Location wise both are very different. We can't compare an apple to an orange.
  • Originally Posted by mayank260287
    in which project you booked sir in 2009-2010?

    Booked in Amrapali Sapphire in 2010. Got the flat in early 2014 fitted with all fixtures like AC, wardrobes, chimney, RO, lights/fan etc done by the Builder. Hence the comparison with Gardenia where my friends are still waiting.

    In Noida, it is with number of projects which are still to be handed over and hues and cries all over. Everywhere you find people pulling hairs and cursing builder. The much-hyped project by our wonderful photographer Arjun Punjabi PANCHSHEEL PRATHISTA is also yet to be delivered. And believe me - only God knows when it will be finally delivered. Here in Noida, nothing is predictable howsoever sure you are.

    A Bird in Hand is better than two in Bush.
  • I was pointing to the fact that at least the flat is in our hand. I personally do not stay in the project and a vocal hard critic of the execution by Amrapali. Even I have raised issues like non-payment of maintenance by residents despite the fact that I am not affected by payment or non-payment or any of these poorly executed layouts.

    Still getting my flat was a satisfaction and my tenant is also equally satisfied staying there with no qualms at all. I was trying to point the fact that people are still waiting to get their flats in many places in Noida and the scenario is getting grim day by day. The builder has no money to take the execution further and that includes Amrapali. Mr Arjun Punjabi - I am not boasting the Builder at all. You are a photographer. Try to understand the meaning. Even Jollygood Sir is absolutely right.

    Again - A Bird in hand is better than two in Bush
  • Kumar sahab hum Hindustani.....

    Kisi ko bijli muft chahiye....

    Kisi ko paani...

    Kisi ko parking......40 rs bachane ke chakkar main gali main laga denge, mall ki parking main nahin?....
    4 lac se 40 lac ki gadi milegi...

    Kisi ko chawal...

    Har Koi phokat ke chakkar main hai....
    Insaniyaat gayi tel Lene....

    40 rs mahine ka koore wala nahin lagayenge....
    Raat ke andhere main ....
    Parosi ke khali plot par/ sarak par/ park main ya parosi ki naali main....