One of my friends booked a commercial space at Delhi1 last year for about Rs 9500/sqft. There is not much activity at the site, but he got couple of re-sale offers for Rs 10,500 so he is wondering to hold or sell? 3C says that it will be completed within next 3 years, but looking by the pace I don't think that it would be done within next 5 years. Please provide your opinion about it.
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  • What does 3C say about the start of construction at the site?
    The 2 hotels have been lapped up by Four Seasons and Max group owner in his personal capacity.

    I will hold on to this.
  • I would suggest, hold on to it. The prices wont stagnate or correct over there. circle rates are 2L per sqmtr for commercial in that location.

    I heard the project is totally sold out. Prices will go the moment 3C starts constro.
  • Yes, project is totally sold-out because of its location but 3C is playing smart. More than 30 L was given to 3C and it has been more than a year since the booking happened. Four Seasons and other hotels have different agreement with 3C and will get build up and operate first, but it won't be true for the commercial. 3C has made close to 3 demands till now because of high demand of this project and their one-sided BBA and things are not as good as it seems.
  • Guys,

    Any info on this project ? Construction activity is in full swing but not much info on internet . I think there are residential apartments in there too. Any idea about rates or have they even been launched yet ??