Hi Friends,

I am a NRI based in UK and I bought a flat in Maghaun Maple sec 50 which is due to completed by Sept'11.

In my many futile attempts to contact the builder and Noida authority to tell me abt the costs and formalities involved once the flat is ready so that I can plan things accordingly, I am unable to get a clear and precise answer.

If you guys can throw some light on the issue and advise me as to how much expenditure I can expect once the flat is ready , I would be obliged.

The areas I have so far identified are

- stamp duty payment but at what rate they are unsure..any registration chgs involved on top of stamp duty

- the builder adv that the stamp duty needs to be paid on Indian Rupees 70 lacs

- once the flat is ready what is the time frame the stamp duty needs to be paid ..i think it is with in 6 myhs to avoid any penalties

- may be chgs for electrical meter installation

- any documentation chgs involved

- flat is 2400 sq ft

- maintainence chgs

- may be hypothetically the costs of getting interiors done such as wardrobe in 4 bed rooms , kitchen on a basic or medium level so that I can rent it out so as to cover my partial costs of EMI


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