Hello All,

I am new to this forum so please excuse me if I overlooked or missed any discussion on this.

Would Assotech Windsor Court, Sec-78 Noida be a good project to invest in?

How is the reputation of the builder and how reliable they are? I went thru a discussion on Mahagun Moderne and found that many customers are not happy because of the poor customer care support & handling and misbehaving of the executives... did any of us come across somethine like this from Assotech because that is something whick makes me worried about any builder.

Please share your thought, it will be highly appreciated to make up my mind to decide.

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  • Hello
    Can anyone enlighten if Tower G is up for possessions?
  • I visited the site today to see progress of tower H. Tower G appears to be ready with a few residents already moved in.
  • hello sir, I have also flat in windsor court .kindly give me your mobile no. or whatsapp group no.
  • Dear Members : No sharing of personal numbers or emails on the forum :)
  • Please let me know if there is a whatsapp group where I can join the discussions. I have not been provided the possession of tower I so far
  • If there is a grouppls add me as well. I would PM my number.
  • Hi Everyone

    Can anyone tell about Tower H Progress and likely possession informed by Assotech.
    Are you guys aware of if any meeting held between Flat Owners and Builder in recent?

    Thanks & Regards
  • There is whatsapp group for AWC.You can join group. Also lot of activity is happening and some committee is being formed to talk to Assotech for completion or project.
  • Originally Posted by vondamn
    There is whatsapp group for AWC.You can join group. Also lot of activity is happening and some committee is being formed to talk to Assotech for completion or project.

    How do i join the group? Who do i PM my whatsapp number?
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  • Hi,
    it will be very nice of you, if you can guide How do i join the watsapp group?
    Who do i PM my whatsapp number?

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  • Hello All,

    I just joined the group today and hopefully now remain active. Tower G possessions are in progress (Completion certificate is not obtained- so I took possession of my flat at my own risk)- planning to moving in 2 months.
    our legal system do not empower us to go and get justice in time (no offense to anyone- my personal opinion) against the builder.so, negotiate as much you can, no other way.

    Power back up provisioned (not sure I have it or not in my flat- need to check), security is there, maintenance team working on the project do not have funds or material to facilitate possessions. I have lot of items missing in my flat (But compromised on their verbal assurance, knowing it will not be fulfilled).
    Basement not ready (and will not be ready for next 6-8 months)-community center/club structure is done with nothing else in it (Can be used for personal functions/events).
    I am planning to visit this weekend- post your queries and I will get you some updates (I will not be able to get you flat specific details)
  • Thanks for information.
    Can you please check the Tower H Status. It will be great if you can share some current pics after your visit.
    is there flat owners group for Assotech Windsor? How do i join?

  • No progress in Tower H virtually same for past few months. Only structure walls nd some plastering is finished.