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latest hike in petroleum products/inflation on fire


latest hike in petroleum products/inflation on fire

Last updated: June 26 2011
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  • latest hike in petroleum products/inflation on fire

    Dear All

    As from all latest development in domestic/international economic forum inflation is bound to raise in india
    this will increase the construction cost
    also the ongoing land dispute will only increase the cost of buying the product
    purchasing power of currency is loosing all across the globe

    in my understanding in noida particular
    Along the expressway land accusation cost is around 800 psf taking take care of fsi
    consider 1500-2000 as construction and labour cost (this figure now a days is not very unrealistic)
    800 as bribery and marketing to execute the project
    interest cost to the builder laon part is about say 600 psft
    builder/developer will take atleast 1000 as his/her part
    hence the minimum cost at delivery would be
    800+(1500-2000)+800+600+1000=5100-5600 psf

    similarly for other sectors of good location by no means cost would go below 4500 psf at the delivery time

    cost of living in metros is bound to go high in coming years looking into the economic scenario
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