Hi Members,

I have read through some of the posts on this website and can see some quality real estate advices by experts. I am unknown to real estate investment and seek your advise.

I would like to buy a 3 bhk house in noida and want to invest in a project which
1. Is in at an inception stage, so that I can buy at a good price
2. Should give me good returns in 3-5 yrs period (although the plan is to live myself, but I might sell as well in case I move from NCR)
3. Is in my budget which is max 50 L
4. Is not in Noida ext or Gr. Noida

Through my initial research, I have come to know about 3C sports village and Sunshine helios (not sure at what stage the project is). I am quite keen on 3C sports village. Can you please advise

1. Is that a good idea to invest in this project?
2. Is this priced right?
3. Am I choosing the right location in Noida?
4. How is the developer's reputation?
5. any other better project as per my requirements?

Many Thanks!
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  • There are already threads on 3C Sports Village & SSH.

    Please visit them and raise any specific issues, if any.
  • All these points have been covered as part of the individual threads for sports village and sunshine helios. Please refer to the same for details.