Aam Aadmi thats what many call ourselves and its precisely because of this that we are treated like one. Look whats happening around you.

-A common man (aam aadmi) pays nearly 33% of his earnings as Tax to feed the govt. machinery which is probably one of the most corrupt in the world
His family slogs day in and day out to make a living and maintain and standard of living, the wife works, the husband works, the children are made to dream that all this will ensure their Bright future

-The whole family finds ways to save something extra, visiting Subzi mandis, travelling in Public transportation where they are looted openly. The auto taxis fleece you with exorbitant prices, the maids at home plan to rob you, the Farmers sell their vegetables and fruits laced with chemicals, injection, and what not....which is getting absorbed in the body system and God knows what effect it will have on next generation.

-The Farmers who have sold off their land have enough money at hand to spoil their hordes of children who in turn form groups..drink openly, eve tease, rob in broad daylight and drive around on streets looking to create trouble. Any resistance means that at least 2-3 dozen villagers will come within minutes and even beat up police constables. They have become property dealers and local politicians and not to forget the local police is simply “One of them”. The umpteen number of accidents on road are due to these People being drivers on Local buses, Trucks and Autos. They carry arms, rods and engage in brazen display of political strength, gather in no time and stall the city life. All the Laws required to maintain a peaceful civil society are shattered by them each and every day and NO ONE...from Police, Politicians, Media wants to even talk about it....WHY ??..Because they are the Vote Bank...and while the Media will give you statistics on how law and order situation in a certain region is deteorating...No one has the Balls to come out and talk about the reasons...which stare at everyones faces daily....Look around..

-While the actual Poor farmer is struggling in caste system infected villages where he is working under the Land Rich farmers. These farmers will vote for anyone their leaders tell them to, they will simply follow what has been told else they stand a chance of being Cut off from the Village social system.

- The Land row which has been “Created” in Noida / Yamuna expressway is the work of the Former types (Land rich farmers). It was simple...They had the land and authority wanted land...No farmer was forced to let go his land..no one was tortured to sign the papers...no one was intimidated...it was done with their will....but what actually happened is that after acquiring land authority planned numerous bridges, infra projects and suddenly the part of land which was considered secluded and bought at cheap rates became the most talked about region in NCR (because of infra projects and connectivity)..This caused unrest amongst the farmers and seeing a perfect plot..the opposition parties gave them full support..in terms of money, power, lawyers back up.

- While the HC and SC has criticized the govt. was using emergency clause in such acquisitions (which is NOT NEW and is openly used everywhere else in India), no one is talking about how come the authority actually sold the land to builders...and how come the builders sold it to “Aam Aadmi”..This no one wants to talk about...as it involves the “Aam aadmi”...he is of no use...as he will continue to pay taxes or rather tax will be extracted from him...he is too busy and messed up in bank loans, upgrading lifestyle that he will neither come on the street to voice his anger...nor he has the money, political, media back up to support his cause....He will max to max..visit forums on internet, go on facebook, orkut, etc...write a blog and go to sleep cursing the system for his miseries.
He is NOT a Vote bank as probably 80% dont even vote...so who cares about them..No one.

- Its amazing that nearly 95% of Media (which is one of the most corrupt in this country) talks about Farmers in noida extension and Yamuna expressway..while NO ONE has highlighted the Goon Farmer leader Manvir Tewatiya who openly declared that he will use arms and arson..doesnt that make his a terrorist???..who supplied him arms...where he got the funds..who is protecting him..??....Media is NOT interested...as whole of media is Politically influenced. The whole media and political parties talk about few hundred farmers..but NO ONE is bothered about thousands of Middle class aam aadmi who took bank loans and now are left in confusion about their dream house.WHY??..Because they know he is of no use to them....He will neither come out on streets..nor have an impact on Vote Bank

- Farmers were agitating for months and their leader had openly proclaimed that he will use arms against the police and administration..but not even a SINGLE leader came to bridge the gap....Rahul Gandhi and co. actually waited for bloodshed to take place..let a few poor farmers die...and then come to console them...Doesnt Rahul Gandhi & co. read news..were they not aware that Farmers have openly gathered arms and threatened to use them...why No leader came then and act as a mediator ???..What would have happened if a few group of Middle class gantry threatened to use arms against administration???..they would have been put in jail under terrorist act...

- This is the fact...the people who bought in Noida extension and Yamuna expressway are nothing but “Aam Aadmi”..No one is bothered about them...with nearly 30,000 flats under a question now...no one is bothered to talk about them....and Yes...nearly whole of the region of Noida extension is under question. Many cases are pending in court for other villages..and with HC and SC offering them full support..other Villagers in the region are bound to follow as they are being given Full support in terms of money, lawyers, etc by opposition parties. What have they go to lose ???....Nothing....If they lose the case..they will still get what they have got..and if they win...they will get much more...and who doesnt want more ???

- None of the farmers in this region are interested in farming...visit one of these so called farmers villages and see what farming is going on...barely nothing...They simply want more money..thats all...nothing else....

- Aam Aadmi will continue to be pushed around....because he is being purposely made to struggle in daily life by the govt....so either he doesnt have the time, money or energy to voice his opinion in a strong manner....ITS A SHAME ON THE GOVT. MACHINERY OF THIS NATION
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