I want to buy a 2bhk (1050-1200 sq.ft)for my family in Noida and my budget is 30-35 lacs.Since I am in Bangalore so I thought to study about the properties.I called some brokers also.I know they will always tell u good things about the property.

I have gone through many threads in this forum because i want to invest my hard earned money and looking for shelter in noida.I was interested in buying flat in 7x but when i explored the forum i came to know about the problems related to NE and 7x.I can wait for 2- 3 years for possession not more than that coz my dad will retire soon.

I am confused and scared now.I don't want to take flat closed to gr. noida.It should be in city.I have very less knowledge in RE.Moreover i don't have gud idea about all the new sectors which are coming up.That's y i m spending time on the same.Some guys are saying wait till the everything gets normal but rates are increasing every day and these things making difficult for me to take home in NCR.

Most of the projects is going out of my budget and if i wait for one more then probably i have to forget about the flat in Noida.

Guys most of you will be pissed of after reading my post coz u must have seen thousands of post like this.But please help me .....and guide me.I don't want to take wrong decision or else my family future will be at stake.

I request all of you and senior members to plz help me out and guide me to take a nice 2bhk.
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