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2 BHK Buying Guidance - 35 Lacs Budget, Noida


2 BHK Buying Guidance - 35 Lacs Budget, Noida

Last updated: July 12 2011
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    Re : 2 BHK Buying Guidance - 35 Lacs Budget, Noida

    Originally posted by hemant0210 View Post
    aam aadmi

    Buddy i have checked the rates of mahagun,3c and purvanchal .......i come to know that they have 2 bhk in 40 lacs or more.....thats going out of my budget.I know they are good builders but i have to see my pocket also.Ofcourse bank is gonna give loan but anyhow i will have to pay the EMIs.

    Sectors like 137,143 or 168 they are close to gr. noida and nobody lives on expressway.They are kinda out of city and it will take atleast 4-5 years to become liveable.
    Who is going to eat everyday in mcdonald or food court.Being a medium class family I will see the basic necessities of life first.Like the market should be close to my sectors.Even if the IT SEZ is coming up around these sectors.So metro will be there and when u travel thru metro it doesn't make much difference.

    There are many villages in between the sectors and they will be ready to rob u.Until the people start living there.Let say i will get the possession on time but i will be always scared while coming back home.

    Moreover most of the flats are expensive on expressway and most of the flats cost more than 40 lakhs whether its fresh or resale.

    1. Sector 137, 168 are NO WHERE near Greater noida
    They are around 15 kms before Greater noida
    2. Sector 137 is around 2 kms ahead of sector 93 where one of the most premium societies of Noida exit...Omaxe forest, ATS, Silver city..Rates in sector 93 is one of the highest for builder appartments in Noida
    3. These sectors are NOT inside villages
    4. Sector 137 is going to have direct connectivity with sector 93 which is mere 2 kms away...and already MIG market exists there next to LP. For more MIG can go to DSC road in Bhangel
    5. Noida expressway is One of the best Upcoming locations in NCR...not my statement....its what every RE expert has been saying for long....Resale prices and value in sector 93 are a proof of that
    6. Noida, Gurgaon have come up for ONE simple reason.....presence of MNCs....and the absence of MNCs have been the fall of faridabad and ghaziabad. Noida expressway has massive SEZ area earmarked and already many companies have started moving...
    7. There is a Golden rule in property buying in NCR....follow the MNCs...and you will get good gantry...and better investment returns....its simply because of this MNC presence that gantry of gurgaon is better than noida....and gantry of noida better than ghaziabad.
    8. 35 lakhs is a tight budget....and you will certainly not get everything.....and remember...PROPERTY IS NEVER BOUGHT SEEING WHERE IT IS TODAY...BUT EVALUATING WHERE IT WILL BE TOMORROW.....
    You will find many people saying ' yahaaan to jungle tha' ab dekho....
    9. People are already regretting not buying on expressway in 2010....and the prices in thsi area will keep on coming up...expect prices around 4500 psf by 2012 end.....there is limited supply.....there are no further residential sectors left on this expressway towards noida side.....u can check master plan 2031 yourself.....and only sector 168 is the one bang on expressway apart from sector 93...sector 137,143 are close to expressway
    10. With issues in noida extension...noida expressway demand and price have come up again.

    In 35 lakhs you can get 2 bhk 915sq.ft flat in 3c zing in are probably checking prices on net....which is a blunder.....there are chepaer resale prices upon negotiation....and direct discounts from builders.

    Its strange in NCR the oldest suburbs have lost out badly to newer regions.....Faridabad is far behind Gurgaon and Ghaziabad far behind Noida...even though both are closer to delhi......the Main reason.....Presence of MNCs......follow the will not lose.....


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      Re : 2 BHK Buying Guidance - 35 Lacs Budget, Noida

      On the whole you seem to be more worried about Daily shopping needs....nearly all the projects have decent daily needs stores inside the project...u can check with builders yourself. Moreover sector 82 market....fully stocked and functional is just 2-3 kms from sector 137

      There are as many as 6,7 socities in sector 93 and people living there from past 2, 3 years without any security scared issue....u r travelling on a expressway with direct cut to 93, 137....Not through a jungle.

      You are unable to fathom the difference of seeing an area today where projects are under construction and when they will be ready in 3 years with thousands of families.....see after 3 years....u will only have one thing to say '3 saal pehle yahaan jungle tha'

      Ghaziabad has always been an option for people who cannot afford in noida....noida prices are within reach now....after 3-4 years it may not be like that....come what may prices in ghaziabad will always be less than thats the USP of ghaziabad...cheaper than infra of Gzb is not comparable to noida also....and the if u can buy in noida...go for noida.

      go for under construction property in noida expressway or noida sector 7x.....wait for 3 years for it to be ready.


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        Re : 2 BHK Buying Guidance - 35 Lacs Budget, Noida

        Which one will be better
        1- sector 120
        2- sector 7x
        3- sector 137,143 or 168

        I have few
        RG residency -
        Aims golf avenue 2
        JM solitare
        supertech capetown
        logix bg ,bc or zing

        I knw these builder won't be great like mahagun or 3c but i hope they will have some decent construction.

        I do have one more doubt is there graveyard near by sector 78?


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          Re : 2 BHK Buying Guidance - 35 Lacs Budget, Noida

          You have one more option... Todays Ridge Residency, Sec 135

          2+1 should be in your budget there.


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            Re : 2 BHK Buying Guidance - 35 Lacs Budget, Noida

            I personally feel noida expressway is better...and so is noida 7x...u see what suits you....

            Builder like 3c, mahagun, purvanchal are good
            Paras, todays, ajnara, logix also nice


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              Re : 2 BHK Buying Guidance - 35 Lacs Budget, Noida

              Dear Am_Admi, If issues gets cleared in NE .. how do u rate it for an end user..especially tech zone 4 area in NE


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                Re : 2 BHK Buying Guidance - 35 Lacs Budget, Noida

                AIMS Golf Avenue II

                I guess I am not high jacking this thread. Its a very interesting one and thought to share a concern of mine.

                AIMS Golf Avenue sector 75 is giving all inclusive rate of 3120 (this was the rate few days back). Price wise it seems attractive. But i doubt these two builders..AIMS and Angel. My Budget is 40-42 lakhs for a 3bhk. I am simply unable to decide between sector 75 and Sector 137. Currently both me and my wife working at Noida.

                I am also getting ready to move apartments in Indirapuram for 45 lakh (3bhk...1100-1200 carpet area) I am paying a rent of 13500 per month sometimes i feel like buying some ready to move in flats at Indirapuram despite it been a concrete jungle. It will save me a ton of money as far as my rent is concerned.

                Home buying process is extremely painful...feel like going to escape the tension...


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                  Re : 2 BHK Buying Guidance - 35 Lacs Budget, Noida

                  Need help from Zohib -

                  Originally posted by aam aadmi View Post
                  1. You can never get everything in a budget of 35 lakhs
                  2. As u are in IT its best if you buy in 137,143, most IT sez coming around them
                  3. Today no one lives there...tomorrow in 3 years time when more than 15,000 flats will be ready in these sectors and even with 30 p.c occupancy rate u will have close to 4000 families living in these u think it will look deserted
                  4. Not to forget by then Offices in advant navis, ansal, etc will have some occupancy
                  5. Daily shopping needs will be taken care by commercials inside the complex and by the way a pretty big food court area coming up with MCdonals, haldiram, etc in advant business park
                  6. Maybe work on metro will be it passes through this region
                  7. Top schools on expressway
                  8. Jaypee hospital nearing completion
                  9. Big malls in Greater noida will be within 10 mins drive
                  10. you will be a fool ou think you will get possession in 2 years....whatever builder says...keep 1 year in hand always...and yes...dont worry about penalty will not get a penny from builder....better is to be prepared for 1 year delay...if lucky u will get on time...else within 1 year surely....if unlucky...anything can happen

                  Go for good builders like 3C, Purvanchal, Logix, Mahagun. As of TODAY they have not failed in their previous projects....and yes which idiot told you that if a builder is having 3;4 projects in hand he will not deliver..???...logix sub contracts the construction work to a company....other than jaypee no builder in this region constructs his own projects....

                  Ajnara, Paras is also decent option.....

                  Look for resale options...u can get good many small time investors exit after paying 30 percent....

                  Instead of buying Logix zest..try to look for resale options in logix blossom county, 3c zing, etc.

                  And yes if u think you can finalise without actual running around the sites for days....then its not going to happen.

                  See it this way...

                  I hate mutton but love chicken....but that doesnt mean mutton is bad for all.....

                  Opinions on such forums will be 90 p.c biased...

                  Finialise 5-6 projects...see yourself and close the deal

                  No one in this world can guarantee a builder...No can chose as per their history..and then pray

                  Dear Zohib,

                  You are one of best as i have seen your comments.. pls keep coming to this forum.

                  I have gone through your threads and found you quite knowledgeable.
                  I was lookin for you to come again as you were banned .

                  I have an invenstment in 2 bhk in ELDECO Rivera EGM which i did in 2006 it is a 2 bhk 1420 BHK...
                  Yes not much appriciation happened that area. althogh i am quite bullish on the area near Pari chock as well as around GOLF course for having its time.

                  Your suggestion- I have time for 6-8 yrs to hold still...
                  What % appriciation you see in that area..
                  Their is a OPEN land adjacent to JP Golf course... may be some amusement park...
                  any idea on that.



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                    Re : 2 BHK Buying Guidance - 35 Lacs Budget, Noida

                    The sec 110 market, opp kendriya vihar sec 82, is 5 km from sec 137 cut on the expressway. sec 137 projects are further 1 km ahead. Until internal connectivity is developed to sec 92, it will remain so. Even after that, 137 projects will not be less than 4 km from sec 110 market. Not to say that this is a lot; just giving correct info.


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                      Re : 2 BHK Buying Guidance - 35 Lacs Budget, Noida

                      Can I invest in Ajnara Daffodil (Sector 137)?

                      Is it a safe option...


                      Have any questions or thoughts about this?