Recently I have begin to realize that this forum along with providing invaluable information and perspectives brings along with it a large amount of biased information

I feel most of us are biased here either for the investment we have made, the dream home we bought or the project any of us is promoting for commercial reasons.

All of us are just trying to present all our projects in the best of light and jump out with swords when any other person say anything against our project, developer, perception of the attractiveness of the area we are invested in..

At a certain level it is natural too when somebody invest anywhere he/she did that with a lot of conviction about the developer the project the particular micro market. We are bound to stick the decision we made and will not change our mind even after listening to logical reasoning.

Also when some body has invested all his life hard earned money in a particular developer/project how can we expect that person to stay cool when a lot of negative stuff is said (right or wrong thats a different debate) about the developer/project where that person all life savings is linked

Another angle to this discussion is there are people who do not like any other member for any reason, the best way to get back to your enemy is to start f*****g the project of the person you dont like, with out realizing that there are 500 more people whose money, emotions, feelings are attached to that project and by deliberately defaming a particular project we are playing with the "peace of mind" of that person....

There are some great people on this forum who have life long experience and expertise to engage into a fruitful discussion about real estate. then there are some who are a great source of timely information, so very crucial for making the right decision. More over the forum is a great place to make friends and even network professionally.

I think we all need to go through some introspection ion how we behave and what we say on the forum and how to best separate the right information on the forum from the barbs....

we need to ask ourselves - are we all biased here?
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  • The bias is fine

    The bias is fine as long as the intent is bonafide. I see a lot of people either create threads to promote their investments in the guise of fruitful discussion or just start vicious propoganda against certain projects. everyone will have to use his/her own judgment before making any decision.
  • amit you are true on ur statements..but at some point of time it creates confusion as well to the potential buyer who has hooked to this forum to get some confidence before he invests his money into "X" project...when he gest to know that there are people supporting/unsupporting the as an intent he came to get some idea but in return he finds himself confused again.....but sad to say we do not have any control on this part of posting......