We had many discussions on Higher floor Vs Lower floor living.

Now, lets see for a TOP FLOOR living in a High Rise (at-least 7 story or higher). I saw a similar discussion in Bangalore thread and there was not many input... lets see what our experts here says... and I know we will have better show here.

Generally, most of the people never prefer top floor due to
a. Extreme heat during summer and cold during winter
b. Water leakage during rainy season

<< All the PROS and CONS of higher floor Vs lower floor are always there, we are talking about top floor only, lets not mix up>>

In most of the cases, top floor is sold at a discount and hence the builder invented something special, called Penthouse .. so that they can sell the top floor also in premium.

Living on the top floor may have very subtle advantage like
a. Ego boosting, living at the top
b. No nonsense noise from upper floor, no water/dust/ash/trash dropping from upper floor
c. May be cheaper

So what makes someone to pick up the TOP floor?
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