For starters let me tell u all that i am not a broker or an agent etc..rather i am myself a buyer and i had come across this website after i had bought a 1295 sq ft appt in capetown. After going through the negative comments against supertech on this forum I got really scared. But 3 months back when i visited the site i heaved a sigh of relief cause the site office ,the sample flats etc were all good rather quite impressive.
Today i revisited the site amidst rumours of agitations and general apprehensions regarding the state of the project and i would like to tell u all that i dont know about the past sins of supertech but with capetown they do seem to be trying to make amends.
The work is going on on a brisk pace. The so called agitaion by kisans is actually a peacful protest by a select few under a pandal on the plot between prateek wisteria and skytech. Nothing so dramatic as stalling of work etc. I just want to request the forum guests as well as members to kindly not spread rumours and unnecessary panic because it can seriously be upsetting for some.
Frankly last 2 days i was so worked up that i tried selling my flat and considered shifting to mahagun or prateek etc and in the process i found out that supertech is not only the cheapest in terms of rate/sq ft but also the payment plan. Both prateek and mahagun have payment plans that will make u surrender around 50% of ur cost even before anything worthy gets built on the plot. Then what??
Also considering that supertech capetown was launched after most of the projects in the vicinity it has shown good progress. It seems to be in line with the others even though they were launched much before.
I wish well for all the projects and hope that all supertech bashers get a chance to revise their opinion about the builders and this project in particular.
Lastly I am starting this thread not because I want to promote a particular firm but because I am sure there are many people like me who are kind of tight on cash and would like to get the cheapest yet the best option in the market and its not good that they are made to run away from projects because this forum doesnt like a company. A real estate company is known for its projects and they still have time to make it a success.(HOPEFULLY)
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