Noida Ext.Flat Buyers Welfare Association Requests to all flat buyers to meet on 23rd July 2011 Saturday 4 PM at Sector14A Noida for peaceful march of our rights.We Want Our Home Not Refund !!!

::NEFBWA-Noida Extension Flat Buyers Welfare Association::

Please Support !!
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  • Friday, 22 July 2011 5:09 PM


    All Noida Extn. Flat Buyers,

    NEFBWA has decided to hold a peaceful rally on Saturday, the 23rd July, 2011 starting from Gautam Buddha Statue, Noida Entry Gate. We shall give a memorandum to Chairman, GNIDA at Camp Office Sector 14-A demanding an immediate solution of the Noida Extension issue. The rally will terminate at Sector 18, Noida.

    This is an opportunity available to us bring to the notice of the Authority our genuine grievances in the wake of the recent judgements of the Hon'ble Allahbad High Court on the issue of land acquisition in Noida Extension and to press for an early solution of the same. Therefore, all flat buyers are requested to please gather in full strength at Gautam Buddha Statue at 4:00 p.m. sharp on 23rd July, 2011.

    Your's Sincerely
    (R.P. Tyagi)
  • Request all buyer to be there.. I will be there.. Its time to unite & act.

    See you tomorrow..
  • Do join in people. I am in mumbai but as a buyer my support is with all who have been affected.

    I can see Mr. Tyagi on tv right now on headlines today, rally around him pls.

  • Originally Posted by vinayjain
    Do join in people. I am in mumbai but as a buyer my support is with all who have been affected.

    I can see Mr. Tyagi on tv right now on headlines today, rally around him pls.


    In Between I also got to know many Brokers they are with Buyers now and planning to go with maximum people in Allahabad High Court.
  • we are having flat in express way , but we will also join your agitation with my frnds.
  • Even the flat buyers of 7x, Eway should join for the shake of unity.

    Patwari village judgment ( has far reaching implications and the fire can catch them any time.
  • Buyers unite on saving Noida Extn

    Buyers unite on saving Noida Extn
    Posted on July 22, 2011

    Noida: The past fortnight not only knocked down the dreams of 26,000 homebuyers under the twin blows of Sahberi and Patwari verdicts,but also seems set to change the course of the buyers struggle.

    So far,buyers had been uniting under small projectspecific associations to demand refunds or adjustment in alternative housing projects from their builders.But with scores of farmers petitions pending before Allahabad High Court,and the fate of entire Noida Extension uncertain placing the investments of some 3.5 lakh middle-income buyers in jeopardy the realization that it is important to ensure the survival of Noida Extension first for safeguarding individual investments is slowly sinking in.

    The buyers movement,therefore,seems to be headed towards greater unity of purpose amongst the multiple small associations.It is extremely important that project-specific groups coalesce.Today,the future of entire Noida Extension is at stake, said engineer Ravi Garg,member of a 150-strong group of buyers who have booked houses in various categories with Panchsheel group.
    Highlighting the practical problems faced by small groups,Ravikant Pandey,who had booked a flat with Mahagun Mywoods and is now part of a 250-member association,said,It is difficult for all to come together on a single consolidated platform because most of the members are from the service class and do not have the time or the means to contact each other.

    In contrast,Noida Extension Flat Buyers Welfare Association (NEFBWA),which claims to have 3,000 registered members,is in Allahabad to move the high court to hear the stand of buyers.For the last two days,we have been filing applications to be impleaded in the high court on the basis of writs filed by different villages in Noida Extension, said secretary of NEFBWA,GL Sagar.We have filed six applications till now and hope to file 20 more by tomorrow, Sagar told TOI.

    Buyers have also softened their stand against builders realizing that the continuing reverses in court could drive them to bankruptcy,in turn wiping out buyers investments.

    At the end of the day,I fear,it would be the buyers,along with the builders,who would be left in the lurch, said Abhay Shukla,whose dream house in Nirala Estate came crashing down with the Patwari verdict.Villagers who are holding all Noida Extension projects to ransom should clearly state the rates at which they want to sell their lands, said Shukla.
    Many flat buyers are of the opinion that builders and buyers should form a joint forum because both are at the receiving end of court verdicts on Noida Extension.

    At the end of the day,the interests of builders and buyers converge.Builders want to sell houses,and buyers want to buy those houses, said Abhinav Singh,who has bought a house in Amrapalis La Residentia project in Patwari village.
  • Originally Posted by KMP_FNG
    we are having flat in express way , but we will also join your agitation with my frnds.

    Really appreciate that! Fire is spreading to expressway too!
  • sure we'll be there.......we want flat not the money...