A SIMPLE QUERY? Why are 7X sector farmers just giving empty threats they will go to court on this. They first surfaced in May this year after NE judgement to raise demand for 5% abadi plots...and threatenign they will disrupt work and go to court by 20th June 2011. (result nothing happended,,,work going on full progress and still no court case).....then they resurface in July 2011 again with new set of demands (compensation price increase to 5000 psyard and 5% abadi plots) and again a threat of going to court by 05th Aug 2011..........actually these guys are themselves afraid that they don't have any standing on this in court.

>> accepted compensation way back in 2006 and for next 3 years no litigation in court?
>> almost 50-70% poor farmers have already exhausted their compensation money and can't repay (these are the ones making te maximum noise)
>> all they want is MORE MONEY and don't want their land back because they know they can't reuse it.(true for even NE farmers)

In this scenario even if they move to court their petition will be quashed for sure thats y noida authority is only paying heed to their 5% abadi plots and completely ignoring their increased compensation demand and also they provided additional security to all projects yesterday during maha panchayat (only happened in Noida).......So all 7X investors just stick together nothing will come out of these empty threats even by 5th August 2011....

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  • Is that what I call "I told you so Moment"

    I guess now 7X sector buyers can heave a sign of relief....:bab (4):

    Let now hope NE dispute is fast settled before new land acquisition bill is passed other property buying is going to be next to impossible as prices will increase multi fold for builders and buyers.............
  • i dont think we can breath easy yet. If GNE projects get scrapped, the all builder would go bankrupt or suffer heavy looses. this would surely effect Noida projects as well.