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Booming Town

Last updated: July 15 2011
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  • Booming Town

    An alternative to Delhi, Noida provides for a good residential option for all and sundry.

    Noida is all set to become the next destination for foreign investments. Aiming to fasten the growth of real estate development Noida-Greater Noida authority is inviting MNCs and big corporate houses to expand their base in the twin cities.

    According to the present property trend of Noida, residential plots range from Rs 4,500 to Rs 7,500 per sq yrd for the newly developed sectors. The reserve price for group housing bids range from Rs 8,000 to Rs 15,000. Noida Authority recently hiked current price in the range of 10-40%. Since the authority has been constituted for the industrial development and the state’s focus is also on industrial growth, the industrial rates have also been hiked. After the coming up of Taj Express Way there are chance that the rates will rise further.

    The Express Way will be completed by 2013. Construction work has already started. The non stop 160 km express way will link Noida with Greater Noida. Also the new state government is approving major developmental projects meeting various capital projects like the Metro Rail, bus services and flyover. Four new flyovers have already been approved at Rajni Gandha Crossing, Atta Crossing, Golf Course and Sector 14 T-Point recently. The board has given RITES the job to make Noida-Greater Noida traffic signal free. It has been asked to file a detailed report on six main roads and also suggest flyover or underpass locations on the spots.

    Noida is divided into different sectors. Sectors 14, 14A, 15, 16. 18. 19. 27. 30, 44, 39, 52, 58, 62 form the posh locality of Noida. In Sector-14, the residential property price start from Rs 65000 per sq m. A 300 sq m kothi is available with a price tag of Rs 65000 per sq m. Flats built in an area of 112 sq m and 162 sq m are available at the rate of Rs 55000-65000 per sq m. In Sector 15 LIG, MIG and kothies are available. where the rate varies from Rs 50000-60000 per sq m. Area is basically developed into more than 100 plots. MIG flats with two bedrooms and kitchen, are available in an area of 112 sq m at the rate of Rs 55000 per sq m. While LIG flats having single room and dining hall with kitchen are available in an area of 42 sq m at the rate of Rs 50000-54000 per sq m.

    Three bedroom flats in Sector 44 built in an area of 240, 350 and 400 sq m are available at the rate of Rs 70000 per sq m. In Sectors-39 and 30, price varies from Rs 35-70 lakh. Here LIG flats available for Rs 30 lakh are built in an area of 42 sq m, while an HIG built in an area of 1000-1600 sq ft is available at the rate of Rs 70 lakh. An MIG flat built in an area of 800-1000 sq ft is available for Rs 55-60 lakh. Sector-19: LIG flats built in an area of 50 sq m are available for Rs 23-27 lakh. An MIG flat is available in the area of 90 sq m for Rs 70-75 lakh and an HIG flat is available in the area of 162 sq m for Rs 1.25 crore. The price of a kothi built in an area of 550 sq m ranges from Rs 55,000-65,000 per sq m.

    In Sectors 61-62, the constructed flats are available in the area of 800-1100 sq ft for Rs 35-55 lakh. Considering the fast pace of realty construction in Noida the authority has taken numerous steps to improve the civic amenities whereby it is all set to construct around a dozen flyovers. There are number of specialized hospitals, nursing homes, hotels and institutes scientifically planned sector layouts with community and recreational centres, parks and playground at the sector level.

    Article Source: Economic Times [03 Aug-07]
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    Re : Booming Town

    What about the security issues in Noida

    Yes, we all know how good Noida has come up in the last couple of years. The administration has dome a comendable job on devloping Noida as it is today. They have had the foresight of creating the infrastructure for the city of the future. We all have made big bucks from the property price escalation in Noida.


    What about the security concern the residents have in Noida. The residents have to live in the shadows of fear day in day out. Noida has the higest crime rates in Delhi NCR region. You can get the picture of crime scene in Noida if you see cases like Nithari Murders, Day light robberies on the expressway and the recent Arushi's murder drama.

    I think the government/ administration has to step in to keep the crime rate in check and add further momentum to the growth trajactory of this world city.


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      Re : Booming Town

      Well said. Security in Noida is a Joke. You can travel miles without finding one policeman and patrol vehicle. In Delhi you will find one police picket every 500 meters.


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        Re : Booming Town

        NCR is still a patch on Delhi

        HI All,

        I think the recent slump period has shonw that how different is Delhi mainland from the NCR towns. The property rates in Noida, G Noida, Gurgaon have fallen like anything but you talk about the good olf colonies of Dellhi - Janak Puri, Vikas Puri, Paschim Vihar etc there is no slide at all. Still rates are as high as they were . Actually even Dwarka in Delhi also has seen Rate Falls like NCR. Reason is very simple. In colnies like Janak Puri, Vikas Puri, Paschim Vihar etc you get Markets, Transportation , everything so close to the home but in Dwarka & NCR is you leave home taking ur car then the ladies , old persons in home really have to think before stepping out if there is no additional Car at the home & still the rates in Dwarka/ NCR went sky rocketing owing to Financiers

        Now with the slump the correction / fall has happend only in Dwarka, NCR prices, not the old colonies of Delhi which are well connected to all amenites


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          Re : Booming Town

          Broker bhai... apna saman bech ne ke liye murda (dead thread) ukahd ne ki kya jaroorat thi?

          Koi naya thread hi khol liya hota banned hone se pehle.


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            Re : Booming Town

            ondabhai ek aur thread kyo banwa rahe ho..inhi threads me armaan puren karne do..


            Have any questions or thoughts about this?