ET NEWS: Taj Mahal in the danger of collapsing with in 5 years
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  • Its not nothing to do with Gr Noida reality. Gr Noida is part of NCR not Agra.

    Though I am great admirer of Taj Mahal and I am confident nothing will happen to Taj Mahal since it is one of the 7 Wonders of world and the highest revenue generator in tourism.
  • LOLZ,

    if something 175+ kms can drive a city's future then sonipat would have been "NYC" by now as every attraction of delhi is just 40kms away.

    good share but baseless relevance.
  • I would like to add one more thing.Though I strong feel no such thing is going to happen, Any such disaster ever happens to The Taj, it will be shame for India.
  • Leave the GN Realty aside, even linking Taj with Agra realty market is baseless and foolish.
  • Even F1 is more important to GN than Taj in terms of real estate valuations.

    But , it will dent India's global image if we allow something as iconic as the Taj to perish because of callousness of authorities concerned.
  • This guy wins the prize hands down for having the most ''kiddish'' and ''laughable'' approach to RE.

    He comes up with ultra nonsense posts one after the other...

    To even answer such a post is stupidity.
    So i will not answer your Post

    BUT Request you are free to think whatever you want.....just dont make a joke of urself here...
  • Expressway is an added advantage. even as F1 and ICC cricket stadium and upcoming SEZ in Gr noida/Expressway is well enough to meet the demands in next 4 to 5 years.

    As fas as Expressway is concerned, certainly its going to overtake all the advantages of NH-2 more or less in future and also Delhi-Mumbai Industrial corridor is passing close to Gr Noida/Yummuna Expressway, Land acquistion is going on.

    Even if Meerut Express doesn't come, Ghaziabad realty would still have the same dominance, If express Highway becomes realty, it will be an added advantage.

    Metro plan scrapped in Noida-Gr Noida route, is there any impact on Rates? I don't see any fall in rates.....

  • This news is like ….. Mrs Gupta who was resident of Noida, was caught with Mr. X in Budha Garden….So it will also impact of RE of Noida
  • Sometime I feel Mogambo and Zohaib are the same person .. just playing TT.

    Never ever believe these so called campaigners, the so called NGOs are highly paid to articulate their agendas. They always have hidden agenda ... they are not wasting their time for your good!!!

    Serious stuff: Ever thought why so called "SOMEONE" is so reluctant to open some areas of TAJ for inspection? Why the question of "HIDE" coming?

    Search PN Oak and Taj Mahal in GOOGLE and you may find some interesting facts. Keep your emotions out and ponder logically... there are substance.

    Coming back to original issue, Taj is a nice to have feature for GN. having that feature delight the customer... absence of that feature does not make any difference. Marketing people already knows what I am talking about.
  • Ailaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

    Taj expressway has nothing to do with "TajMahal" except the name.

    Taj expressway (as I recall) will bypass the route of Delhi/Haryana and hence will help transportation of goods and all that stuff... This will help in easing the traffic on current Delhi-Agra route....

    And not sure how come GN RE is impacted due to existence of Taj.....
  • So the million dollar question is, did Mogambo khush hua ?
  • Mogambo kush hoga jab GN mein Mayamahal banega.

    Kaun * banayga ?

    Kamaal kar te ho. Mogambo ko itna chota aur * mat samjho.

    :bab (48):

    PS: * ka meaning aapke imagination pe chod diya.