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Rates Hike by RBI - Enough is Enough!


Rates Hike by RBI - Enough is Enough!

Last updated: October 27 2011
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  • Rates Hike by RBI - Enough is Enough!

    RBI has done it again. On the name of killing desease, it is killing the patient. This rate hike game is going on for last 1.5 years, but there is no visible impact on inflation. Doesn't it show that they are using the wrong medicine? Instead of accepting that, they are giving an overdose of the same medicine.

    No one buys food on loan. They hope to controll food inflation by hiking rates, but do not dare to take action against middlemen, the real culprits of inflation. For people who have loans, rate hikes adding fuel to the inflationary fire, instead of extinguishing it.

    Lets us plan a morcha in Delhi against this. If this continues, our 20 year home loans would be repaid in 30 years.
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    Re : Rates Hike by RBI - Enough is Enough!

    Sadly that idiot heading the RBI doesnt understand that liquidity crunch will not solve output is not growing...income have risen over the years and people are spending more...on food commodities etc etc. Unless supply increases rate hikes will not be able to tame inflation. I really dont understanbd on what level of sycophancy this idiot has got the job of the governor of RBI...he is single handedly destroying India growth story...Somebody pls kick him out plzz.


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      Re : Rates Hike by RBI - Enough is Enough!

      Like 3Cs, we have 4Bs that run RE in India-
      Builder, Bank, Babu, Broker.


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        Re : Rates Hike by RBI - Enough is Enough!

        Diwali gift to all of us. 13th time since March, 2010-- They say they do it to tame inflation but these measures have actually little effect on inflation.

        This only helps to tame the overall growth.

        Happy Diwali!!!


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          Re : Rates Hike by RBI - Enough is Enough!

          real bhai, these are govt decesions. RBI doesn't have the balls to go against the govt.


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            Re : Rates Hike by RBI - Enough is Enough!

            All the banks are going to talk to RBI today regarding waiving the pre-payment penalty charges. They say if RBI implements this they will be forced to hike the interest rate by another 1.5%.

            What a joke....


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              Re : Rates Hike by RBI - Enough is Enough!

              RBI is the best bank in the world. RBI is doing the right thing and kudos to them to follow there brain rather then listening to you all.

              What they are doing will benefit only you.

              Few points :-

              1. By hiking rates they are telling manufaturers (Who keep raising prices)that you can not go beyond a certain point and if you go we will break your long run ambitions -.

              2. By hiking rates they want to cool down the asset bubble temproray and avoiding a big western crah.

              3. By hiking rates they are showing how much confidence they have in our economy and they know India can sustain high rates where in western world can not.

              4. By hiking rate they have created a gap where in if recession hit again then they will start declining from higher interest rates and keep economy going.

              5. By hiking rates they are telling the world that this the place which can give them highest returns.

              Please stop judgeing ecomomy dynamics with kg of potato or tomato prices and if you buy a 50 lacs + flat a mere 600 rs + effect in your EMI will not let you commit suiside.

              RBI is the best bank and again they are doing fantastic job. Well done.
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                Re : Rates Hike by RBI - Enough is Enough!

                This step is bad for salary class average age guy who does not have own home….. and book 1-2BHK in 20-22 lakh in CR/RNE/NE type locations … after saving of many years… they save 2-3 lakh for initial amount and balance loan for 25 years…

                Builder may also feel pressure and may reduce property price by 5% to get more buyers… but other side… buyer is paying high EMI so no benefit of 5% discount.

                Old ages guy will be more happy…. They will get more interest in FDs


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                  Re : Rates Hike by RBI - Enough is Enough!

                  By hiking rate...

                  RBI telling real estate sector that enough is enough be competetive or else face trouble.

                  RBI asked banks to forgo pre-payment closure and librated savings account interest rates.

                  RBI helped you people to get daily interest on your savings.

                  RBI holding neck of these greedy firms auto,fmcg,infrastructure, manufacturing to stop raising prices.

                  RBI allowing you to be safe if there is a recession and they will use the hiking rate cycle for your own benefit.

                  RBI is telling to our goverment that if you did not act now then face the anger of your people.

                  Fertilizers,Fuel prices,realty prices, vegetable prices, daily good prices, commodity prices are not controlled by RBI and this IDIOT goverment is still sleeping.

                  RBI is only arm which is doing his job correctly and only argument you guys are giving is the EMI.

                  How many people are buying flats as how many people are still sleeping with two meals only is the big question. RBI is not a custodian of your share market or realty sector.

                  In long run people will still able to buy there houses just because of RBI.


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                    Re : Rates Hike by RBI - Enough is Enough!

                    Hi nikkugautma...

                    Good... Kepp it up.......Thanks...


                    Have any questions or thoughts about this?