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I'm a new member to this forum and I'm looking for a a low rise 3 BHK flat in Noida (preferably Sec 7x or nearby) with good amenities. I've a budget of ~ 50 Lakh. Could the experienced members here name a few of such societies. I've looked up so far and found Paras Tierra & Mahagun Moderne only. Any other such low rise constructions going on in In Noida? I can wait for another 3-4 years so upcoming projects shouldn't be an issue.

Secondly, I know this may not be the right forum but if one could suggest other good low rise projects in Ghaziabad area for the same price range as above.

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  • In Noida ground coverage allowed is 40% and FAR is 2.75 and it is likely to go up. Then there are setbacks to be left as per building bye-laws. So mathematically, a builder has to construct at least G+8 towers if he wants to use all the permissible FAR.

    For this reason, you will not find new projects of low rise only towers (G+3) in Noida. Some mixed developments like Paras Tierea where both high-rise and low-rose are there may come up but in new projects there is not much choice when it comes to low rise projects. 3BHK in low rise in 50 lakh budget in and around 7x sectors may not be possible.
  • 3BHK in 50 lakhs!!....that too a low rise is impossible in Noida. Lets us know incase you find something.
  • It was available in Mahagun about 1.5 years back but not now anymore. The prices have skyrocketed and you might want to check for a distress seller in resale market.

    BTW, there is another thread on construction quality of Mahagun. go through that as well.
  • Ok... thanks for sharing this information. I guess that leaves only Greater Noida and Gzb. Any options there?

    smart111... I'm following the Mahagun thread and is not very keen on the same.
  • u will get one in co-op societies in vasundhara.
  • Is registry happening in Vasundhra co-operative flats?
  • don't know :(