Let us put pictures of various Noida projects here.

Dil khol ke contribute karo! It will be interesting to see all these babies grow together :)

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Originally Posted by IGRM
From now on, Posts that only contain an image will be deleted.

We suggest the following:

1) Name the file names of your images using descriptive words related to the content of the image. In other words, name your image files something that is indicative of what the image is itself, rather than something like IMG2394870.jpg. For instance, Spaze-Privy-Gurgaon.jpg, Spaze-Privy-Gurgaon-latest-developments.jpg, Spaze-Privy-Gurgaon-sector-72.jpg.

2) Provide "Context" for the Image in the post: Always reference your images in your post.

3) Use Image 'Alt Text' to describe images: Use the alt text to describe it in a way that humans would read and understand, similar to how you'd choose a file name. In the alt text for that same spaze-Privy-Gurgaon.jpg image, for example, you might describe it as Spaze Privy Gurgaon Sector 72. (We are working on providing this feature)

This thread has hundreds of updated pictures on Project in Noida, however due to 'poor' or 'no' image description, these pictures won't be found either on Search Engines or IREF internal search.
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