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Bylaws changed for more open spaces


Bylaws changed for more open spaces

Last updated: December 4 2011
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  • Bylaws changed for more open spaces

    NOIDA: The Noida Authority has decided to take some people-friendly steps to encourage residents to create more open spaces in their houses. In its 175th board meeting on Friday, the Authority announced amendments in the building bylaws.

    As per the new changes, provisions have been made for larger balcony projections, larger canopies and relaxation in floor area ratio (FAR) norms.

    With the amended bylaws, residents in Noida will now be able to extend their balcony projections up to three metres instead of the 1.5 meters that has been allowed until now. Residents will also be able to construct 10metre-long canopies on the ground floor of their houses to "accommodate more cars, etc."

    Until now, one could only construct 4metre-long canopies. These extensions in balcony projections and canopy area will not be counted in the floor area ratio of the respective plots.

    To encourage more green buildings in the city, the Noida Authority will, henceforth, also recognize the GRIHA green building design evaluation system issued by the union ministry of environment instead of the LEED certification that was essential until now for proving that one's building is a green one to avail extra FAR. The GRIHA certification will enable the owners of green buildings to avail five per cent more FAR free of cost at the time of submission of building design itself.

    Offering good news to those who have constructed their houses without making provisions for the mandatory parking space, the Authority announced that all such houses that were constructed before 2010 will not be penalized. However, it will be mandatory for all new constructions to ensure availability of adequate parking space as per the norms of the Authority.

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    Re : Bylaws changed for more open spaces

    This is also applicable for builder project.... means again another notice of super built-up area increase by builder... (balcony)... so pay more..???


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      Re : Bylaws changed for more open spaces

      Slightly out of context, could anybody tell exactly how much is the current FAR for any builder project in Noida? Greater Noida Authority has increased FAR to 3.5, last month. Are there any chances in Noida too?


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        Re : Bylaws changed for more open spaces

        To my recollection FAR in noida for GH is 2.75 and for Green buildings its 3.

        By the way - I have observed in the last one year Noida Authority has been quite generous when it comes to residential plots and Group Housing schemes.,...

        Once can construct complete BAsement + 4 floors in Noida now (with one floor markes as stilt - which eventually will be used as dwellin unit...

        Way to go!!


        Have any questions or thoughts about this?