Some time back many of us discussed about Sunshine commercial project , that is getting launched in Jan 12.

Location - Sector 94. if you straight on city centre metro route and cross Mahamaya you would see Hyatt in your left..take left and you would see HCL , Dell, Windson Park, and lots of other operational companies, Amity College, near to Kalindi Kunj. In front of HCL there is a road..Thats the road which has the SSH new commercial plot

Near by Area: Complete Commercial no Residential at all .

Plan: Launching 2 towers in 2.5 acres with 14 towers each..Ther are approx 50-60 office spaces at 1 floor. Plan is to launch Big Retails at Ground, First Floor, second floor, Food Court and Studio Apartments. Studio / Food Court is not launched yet and most probably would be leased by company itself, club, disco, gym, swimming pool etc.

Competitors: Supertech Supernova, Logix La Premiera, BPTP Commercial

Rates for Offices which are open in soft launch are approx 9,000 in flexi.

Undoubtedly location look exciting however neighboring area is only residential at all and SSH has opened only office space which starts from somewhere around 325 sqft to ...

My question are:

1) if there are no residential at all, so not much foot fall, all the offices business will be dependent on only company employees?

2) SSH not planning to sell the food court / studio etc. would this makes more difficult for investors which have only option for office space ?

3) with all the competitors like Supernova, La premeira, bptp what would be sunshine future?

With all these facts, how would be investing a small office 325/425 sqft and exiting from this project with a horizon of 3-4 years or on possession which is planned for 2014-2015

Comments Please..
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  • HA HA,

    the brokers should be given Noble of Chemistry for being able to make a compound of inert gases, Helion (He + Ne) :D
  • Advertisement of sunshine commercial in HT

    Lo Pathan bhai..aaapke le advertisement bhi aa gayi..Todays HT front Page bottom right corner

    Hindustan Times e-Paper

    Originally Posted by Pathan
    Did any one see anu advertisement of this project in newspaper / hoardings ? I did not..are they trying to sell this project without single advertisement ???

  • Originally Posted by Mrindianoida
    Lo Pathan bhai..aaapke le advertisement bhi aa gayi..Todays HT front Page bottom right corner

    Hindustan Times e-Paper

    As far as hoarding is concerned...they have already put that at DND near toll....few weeks can see that on your way from delhi to noida...
  • I wont bet my money on this project!
    • lutgaye2 years ago
      status of sunshine sector 94?

  • Any idea on having any WhatsApp group for this project traking?
  • Any update on this project or any group formed?