Dear Friends,

just joined the group and seek advise.

I had purchased a flat in 2001 on GPA in some Copoperative societiy in Noida. As per Supreme Court directive,now the registration is being done for the first allottees but for the second allottees,it is not clear how to proceed further.The share certificate in possession is only endorsement on the original share certificate. Similarly,the allotment letter bears details as reallotment. It is very difficult to track and make available he original alottee.

Could some one advise how such cases of second allotment are being dealt with for registration.There is no straight answer from NOIDA Authority. Reqst some immeiate advise as the target date of 25/01/12 registration is coming close.


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  • Dear Friends,

    Reiterate the request.
    Grateful for advise as how to deal with Second allottee registrations now in Cooperative society flats after 8/10 years.

    Warm Regards

  • Present Allotte registry-Noida cooperative society

    Helo ANANNT,

    I have the same question. When the news of second registration will come to picture?

    I am in a worse situation, I bought the property in the year 2009 and at that time even GPA was not being given in NOIDA TERRITORY.
    I am looking forward how the NOIDA AUTHORITY is going to proceed.

    Although Supreme court wanted to keep the property title secured by registration. But NOIDA AUTHORITY has made the title in dispute by registring the property in 1st owner whereas society record is showing a different owner.
    Just for the sake of handsome revenue they have taken such stupid decision.

    Sunil Rawat