Dear friends,

Media has given full fledged verdict that SP will form the next government in UP.

But according to my astrological observations,

1. Mayawati will emerge leading CM candidate in this election
2. Mulayam Singh Yadav will having fluctuating fortunes in this elections. In first week of January, I had predicted that Mulayam Singh will become irrelevant in this election and he has already become even before results are out. I don't have Akhilesh Yadav horoscope thus he is my X factor but still SP is under Mulayam. Thus, SP will not perform up to the level exit polls are predicting. It will most likely challenge BSP to no 1 position.
3. BJP: I was quite certain that BJP will consolidate smartly and they are doing it. Media has taken U-turn confirms this fact.
4. Congress: Congress will do very badly.

My Seat Predictions
BSP: 120 -140+
SP : 90 -140 (large band due to x-factor of Akhilesh Yadav)
BJP : 80 -110
Congress : 10 - 35 (without RLD)

Post Election Scenario
1. Mayawati will be strong contender of CM post and she is likely to get unexpected support this time around.
2. Mualayam Singh will not be CM of UP
3. BJP will be coalition partner in the new government not in UP but in most of the states.
4. Congress will not have any say in the post poll scenario.

Who votes whom ?
1. Dalits and Most backward class for Mayawati. She would have got very good % of Muslim vote too
2. Upper cast, OBC and Women got divided in between SP & BJP
3. Youth will not influence the election result contrary to Media predictions
4. Thakur votes will play very important role in influencing results

Influential votes:
1. Election results will give clear indication that corruption, democratic rights, black money, Lokpal and development are bigger agendas they voted for.

Future in next 2-3 years:

1. Mayawati will emerge as strong Dalit leader after this election. Her stock will explode at pan India level in next 2 years. But her corruption will give her bad reputation and they will destroy her partners.
2. BJP fortunes will revive and wait for strong leadership emerging from BJP
3. Akhilesh is my x-factor and my gut feeling is that BJP may try to form govt. with Akhilesh Yadav as CM.
4. Congress stock will fall sharply in crisis mode
5. Anti-corruption, black money and other development oriented activist's stock will revive


Mayawati+Others vs Akhilesh+BJP equation looks likely possibility but Mayawati will beat this combo hands down in long run.


I am adding a poll to see what IREF member think of UP election results.

My old predictions before election started:

I am still backing my each and every word. I want it to critically tally with actual happenings after March 6 with your help.
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  • Originally Posted by Varun84
    Originally Posted by Varun84
    Sirji I am not an astrologer and I do not belive in it. Ye to aap logo kam hai. Ladak hoga ke Ladaki. Usaki Umar kitani hogi . Usko naukari kab lagegi. O jiyega kitan aur kis umar mei marega. mai to sirf tukka mar sakata hu,

    As per me,

    SP- 165-190
    BSP - 95-115
    BJP- 80-100
    Congress + RLD 45-60B]QUOTE]

    I think my predication was fair and far better than rmanglesh bhai.

    Good work, Varun bhai. I agree with you.

    Good work, Varun bhai. I agree with you.
  • Now SP is in Clear majority. My prediction Akhilesh Yadav would be next CM of UP.

    Agar khichadi sarkar hoti to netaji CM bante.