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The famous slogans of different Parties


The famous slogans of different Parties

Last updated: March 7 2012
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  • The famous slogans of different Parties

    Remember the famous slogan of BSP " Mohar Lagao Hathi par, warna goli khao chati par in 2007 election.

    Here is a list of such famous slogans that have been used by different parties at different time of election

    Mr Clean, Mr Clean, Nakli Kyo hai Tope Machine- for Bofors scam in Rajeev Gandhi’s regime

    Raja Nahi Fakir Hai, Desh Ki Taqdeer Hai - FOR Projecting VP SINGH as PM candidate

    THEN CONGRESS coined another slogan to hit back....................

    Raja Nahi Ranq hai, Desh Ka Kalank hai


    Is Deepak mei Tel nahi, Sarkar Chalana koi khel nahi (DEEPAK was the election symbol of JANSANGH at that time

    Then JANSANGH scathing reply was:

    Jali Jhopdi Bujha Chirag, Yeh Dekho Bailo Ka Raag.

    Slogan against Indira Gandhi--- Kha gayi Shakkar Pee Gay Tel, Yeh Dekho Indira Ka Khel

    Samajwadi Party was also not too far from other--------- Jiska Jalwa Kayam Hai, Uska Naam Mulayam Hai ALSO Chalgi cycle udegi dhool, Na Rahega Panja Na rahega phool

    Latest from SP---------- Yeh Jawani Hai Qurban, Akhilesh Yadav Terey Naam

    Here are some classic from BSP also (2007)---- Hathi nahi Ganesh Hai, Brahma Vishnu Mahesh Hai (for social engineering) AND Brahmin Shankh Bajayega, Hathi Dilli Jayega

    AND to conclude..........2 cents from Peace party---- Ekta (not EKTA KAPOOR) Ka Raj Chalega, Hindu Muslim Sath Chalega.
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    Re : The famous slogans of different Parties

    Gali Gali main shor hai, Rajiv Gandhi chor hai.

    This is actually what casted Rajiv Gandhi as a chor in 1989 general election campaign. Loudspeakers mounted on auto-rickshaws shouting this slogan was a common sight in Delhi in 1989.


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