After having done all the and being sure about one of the 5% plot not being under any dispute and with clear title, I am contemplating a purchase @Rs. 35000 p.sq.m. whereas am being told that circle rate itself is around 38500 Rs.

Kindly suggest is it worth a purchase, it has little bit of village abadi at the back side but the plot am interested is on the front with road facing.

Also, suggest as the 5% plot is given to a farmer as first allottee to be put use as 50% commercial and 50% residential so after it is transferred to me as a second allottee from farmer, will I also be entitled for the same as 50% commercial and 50% residential ?

Awaiting replies to both my queries. Thanks.
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  • Are you interested to do some commercial activity on Plot? Or do you want it purely for Residential end use?

    Gentry will be a serious issue for kisan Quota plots. If you yourself are not a local businessmen/farmer and buying plot purely for residential use, then i strongly suggest you reconsider your decision. These Quota plots are allotted to local farmers, who by no means, are educated gentlemen folks. Also property transaction with these Kisan Plot holders is risky. So only deal if you have good knowledge and faith in parties you are dealing with (Broker as well as seller).

    Regarding prices. I don't know the exact prices but Quota Plots are around 50% price of General category plots in same area/locality.
  • Ok, are 5% quota plots after being purchased from farmer remain only for residential use ? I would be more interested only if it stands of the same use to me as it is to farmer i.e. 50% residential and 50% commercial. I just overheard it that such plots after being purchased from farmer remain only residential. So a clear and confirmed reply over the same will be very helpful for me.