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Documentation required for Transfer Memorandum


Documentation required for Transfer Memorandum

Last updated: February 4 2019
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  • Documentation required for Transfer Memorandum

    I am considering a sale of my house in Noida & would like to understand the necessary documentation required for Transfer Memorandum ( T.M. ) procedure.

    I am an NRI and the buyer of the house is seeking for Original papers of the house for TM creation, though all complete copies of the house papers are available.

    I am unable to find any source of information on the Noida Development Authority website & would seek your support to clarify :

    1. Related documents required &

    2. Also whether Original / Copies would suffice the objective.

    Kindly request support to clarify the same.

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    Re : Documentation required for Transfer Memorandum


    Original documents are required for TM. you have to visit yourself to Noida authority with original documents and get the TM done. All documents will be submitted to NA. Once TM is done both you and buyer are 50% owner of the property. NA will release all original documents to you only. So in a way, you don't need to give any documents to buyer, but yes original are required.

    Final setup will be registry after which buyer will become 100% owner of property. Make sure 50% payment is completed before TM, usually the B part is fully done before TM.
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