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Quality of flats in Noida


Quality of flats in Noida

Last updated: August 17 2020
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  • Quality of flats in Noida

    Hi All,

    From quite some time, I have been looking for RTM 2 bhk apartments mostly around 7X & 119/120/121 sectors with budget of 50 lakhs. After seeing lots of apartments, I've found all of them have one or more below problems:

    1) Most units are pretty small in size, excessive loading of > 25%

    2) Almost all units have seepage problems in at least 2 or 3 places

    3) None of the flats were actually RTM, no moduler/semi-moduler kitchen etc and/or no proper finishing. Cracks in walls etc Basically you will end up spending 2-3 lakhs more once you shift

    4) Building from outside has started cracking even though its not even 5 years old

    5) Poor security. Even during covid they don't care who's coming in/out in the society. Anyone can enter anywhere

    Based on my search and observation, what I fail to understand, what kind of people are gonna buy these kinds of shitty flats at this cost. In my opinion they are worth not more than 30-35 lakhs. On what basis the price of these apartments are being decided? This is true for most apartments I've seen: Express Zenith, Capetown, Golf City, Golf Avenue, Hyde Park and others

    Can experienced people here please suggest which society is genuinely good in my budget. I don't want to go >4-5 kms far from sector 52 metro. I'm just feeling pretty disappointed with the quality of flats Noida builders have constructed and the loot they are doing.

    So far the only one I found ok-ish is Indosum 75. Should I go for it?


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    Re : Quality of flats in Noida

    check ajnara klock tower in sector-74.Posession has been given for 2 bhk just a month back


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      Re : Quality of flats in Noida

      Sirji, Central Noida is OVER....its a big big mess and complete infrastructure breakdown, polluted and very bad planning

      best region in noida is noida expressway and that too sector 144, 168 , 137

      Sector 142 advant will be developed as main metro station, it has exprressway, very good connectivuty, greenery and clean

      Main Noida to bilkul barbaad ho chuka,


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