Hello Guys, I visited Purvanchal Royal Park yesterday and they are offering 4200 psf for 1315 sq ft in downpayment. Along with all other charges which is about 220 psf + car parking charges + club etc....

I am not eligible for 80% loan i.e. around 48 Lacs though I'll be able to apply for at least 40 Lacs. Rest I can take arrange from my relatives and by myself.

Will this be a good investment?

Any thoughts from experts ....
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  • Go for it ! Cant go wrong on this one ...
  • For end use, Purvanchal Royal Park will be the best society of Sector 137.
    Purvanchal is not leaving any stone un-turned to make it their best project ever.
  • If i would have money, i would have placed my bet on Purvanchal in noida region. Believe me, one of the best societies in noida at this time. Go for it, dude.
  • But for investment purpose doesn't it seem illogical to pay around 40K EMI for 20 yrs. 40K X 12 X 20 = 96 Lacs + 25 Lacs = 120 Lacs

    If I compare this to Gulshan Ikebana, then approximate same area i.e. 1340 sq ft I can get at a rate of 4050 + 115 = 4165 on CLP.

    As I am buying for end use, so it does not matter if I out it on rent after 2 years or 4 yrs.

    Any mathematicians.....please help!
  • Now its 4700 BSP in DP in new towers...Is it still suggested to enter at this rate...or go gor ikabaena 4300 AI..
    Please suggest
  • Is there any resale happeninG in Purvanchal Royal Park?
  • Dude go for Royal Park, I didn't have enough money to pay up front other than the loan eligibility otherwise best project of entire Noida Expressway.

    Btw I just booked in Purvanchal Royal City due to fresh construction and bigger size in less rates.
  • Look out for resale if possible, if it's started.
  • Can anyone tell bout resale?
  • Resale is not allowed by builder as lot of inventory with builder..only special cases..
    Can try as some ads are there..
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