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Jaypee Greens Wishtown, Noida


Jaypee Greens Wishtown, Noida

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    Thanks venky for your post.

    Venky you have written that the risks have been receeded for JP Greens,If ou can give a brief on that will be very helpful.



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      Is there any mailing list anywhere for people who bought jaypee Klassic...???


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        Hi Mebond

        Does that mean that investment in JP is worth taking the risk?


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          Yes I m also trying to find out, if the risk with JP has reduced? I am going to book in JayPee KOSMOS.


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            Jaypee user group

            Is there any email list or user group those who bought in Jaypee?


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              007, your pictures are for the sun, moon and star courts and other JP projects. Nothing to do with Cosmos or Klassic

              For Klassic shallow digging and levelling is on, Kosmos is on paper only. No photos of that! :-)

              Amit and Sodhi,

              I base my opinion on the number of flats JP has sold.

              The moon court and others nearby were expensive projects, launched more than 2 years ago. They stalled before being fully sold because of the global liquidity crisis. Delay is around 2 years. They still remain unsold and no prospects of selling. Hence slow construction - builder will find it difficult to sell his flats after completion, because the psf price is too high. In fact, I anticipate slower construction after the basic RC work because these apts have high end specifications and luxury fittings. Builder will go forward only if market drastically improves in next 2 years.

              Klassic stalled at launch, but was relaunched after 6 months in May 2009 (after elections) and sold out within 3 months of re-launch at a 3300 psf price with hefty discount and an innovative no-EMI for 2 years (partial downpayment) scheme. If I remember, some 1700 or 1800 flats were sold. Thus the delay was for 6 months only. Looking at the heavy earth moving equipment brought by the builder, which I saw 3 weeks ago, when shallow digging was on, Klassic digging will become quite serious quickly and deep foundation digging will be finished by 2010 beginning. Foundations will be completed before next monsoon. Once the project was sold out, construction started. That is the fact of it.

              Builders are now going to construct only after they sell out their project. That is their lesson learnt after they lost serious money and 1 year of time (with interest on their borrowed capital) in the slow down.

              So Klassic delay is only 6 months and is attributable to the lousy sentiments from Oct 2008 to May 2009. 1700 odd flats sold is a very respectable number indeed.

              Kosmos was launched at 2825 psf with hefty discounts of 12% (on p h o n e enquiry!) at launch. There were huge booking from Sept to October when nearly 40% were sold. They raised their price to 2975 psf and discounts were reduced to 6.75% or so. Their partial downpayment scheme continued (all builders are having it now, but JP was the first to use it extensively with Klassic). By november some 4000 of the 5000 flats were sold. By Oct the Kosmos heights 1550 and 1860 flats were sold out. Last Towers 79 and 80 were converted to 3 and 4BR flats and now they are also sold out.

              Currently, only the top 17th floor of their flats are left. (with 80 towers of 4-8 flats each floor, top floor itself is many hundred flats). Many brokers had blocked flats which they bought just before the price hike (usual collusion and trickery adopted by builders and brokers as willing accomplices). So inventory is still available and the buzz is continuing.

              But the majority of the scheme is sold out. The project has been underwritten by a Singapore based firm, which has effectively reduced the pricing power of the JP sales staff. This tied in with a QIP for which I dont have the details.

              JP pulled most of their advertising by Nov end and started promoting the sports city and lake city apts.

              A project which is booked out is always a project which goes thru. A project which stalls is one with less than 60% sold and the builder gets greedy and starts construction figuring he can get a better price for a finished product. That is what hapened to Unitech - this was their standard operating procedure in 2004-2007 and they started multiple projects in their greed without selling them out.

              SInce Kosmos is sold, like Klassic it will go forward.

              There are still concerns. A lot of buyers have been speculators and investors rather than the actual end user buyers. I estimate 50% buyers to be end user, 30% investor and 20% unsold inventory. Many end users were govt servants with their 6th pay commission arrears money, which was released a few months ago.

              Inventory was still available in the lower end small flats in Nov end, when last I checked. I suspect that by now, very little is still available. Good news actually as far as the viability of the project is concerned.

              This Saturday, in Times property and HT estates, the JP ads were very small and mentioned only the 1150, 1280 and the 2BR option. There was no mention of the sports city and lake city projects, which was strange.

              I think JP Infratech is coming out with an IPO, going entirely by heavy ads on CNBC. That is actually bad rather than good news - why would the builder want more money? But listed companies are always better risks than unlisted companies because of better disclosure norms. Plus it unlocks value for the promotor to have it listed.

              Anyway, regarding Kosmos, the price point is still good. It is some 4Lakhs cheaper than 3C for equivalent sized large flats. Carpet area for Kosmos is significantly higher than 3C for the same super area (3C flats were really small when I visited their sample flat). Large rooms are always good for re-selling.

              Price after discount around 2800 psf CLP is a good price for Kosmos. Today's Ridge is much better priced, some 200 Rs or more psf cheaper at 2600 odd after discount (2 Lakhs difference per 1000 sf) but it is not a sold out project yet - risk for delay is more with Today than Kosmos if markets takes a wrong turn. If I had to book, I would go for Kosmos now rather than Today, just for that. Unless you can predict the stock market for the next six months, in which case, better to invest in stock!

              Also, please note that some 10,000 bookings have been made in the expressway region. That must have dried up a lot of pent up demand. Bad news for Today and Supertech (which also came up with an ad a couple of days ago, I presume somewhere nearby).

              Plus location of Kosmos is fantastic. Future development is very likely. A flyover from 93B to Wishtown project already exists (I drove on it). Sector roads are under construction. JP itself has got a lot of the sector road contracts. South Delhi to JP is just 15 minutes without traffic (I did it in 12 minutes without ever stopping even once). For around 22 hours in a day, there is no traffic on this road at all. An expressway runs outside JP. After driving on it, with its non stop quality, it will never jam, no matter how much traffic, except where it ends near sector 18 (and where DND joins Ring Road). i.e the bottle necks.

              Its a RE investors dream location. That is why I said the risks have receeded.

              One more risk exists - Mayawati. That I cannot tell anything about.

              But in this area, from Bulandshahr to Mathura, the Yamuna expressway is going to be feted as a great achievement. It has the potential to make a lot of people very rich. 10 years ago, land here was priced around 1 Lakh per ACRE! Now it is ten times that. A lot of people have got rich and they are happy.

              Another risk is quality. One cannot go by JP Greater Noida golf apts quality because that was a premium construction. Kosmos is a basic specification. I have no idea about that issue.

              But for an investment, price, location and delivery are all that matter (some will say location-location-location!). I dont see any risk for JP on any of these.

              Total price psf is around 3400 psf including everything for Kosmos. For Omaxe across the road, it is now 4600 psf + extras for almost ready to move in (=5000 psf total cost). ATS green and Eldeco in 93B are 6000 psf in resale. A ready reference for price is another location advantage, (not so with 3C, which has nothing close by).

              NOIDA 555, why dont you search Yahoo groups and Google groups for JP. I found some 5 groups. Dont seem very active, unlike 3C group which seems very active and effective, going by their posts.

              Anyway, hope this helps.
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              Venky (Please read watch a or before posting)


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                Originally posted by amit_s View Post
                Thanx venky for the useful post . I basically want to buy a flat for investment purpose but the air of rumours about JP's delayed projects is too dense...Can you please help me in this regard as I am worried about the timely completion of this project?
                Amit, I have always found the internet to be an easy forum for people to vent their grievances. Pick any builder and search - you will find only complaints.

                Ask your neighbors and friends about JP. And you will find a different story. I know 3 colleagues who booked in Klassic and 2 in Kosmos. Almost all word of mouth is positive for JP.

                Same with Ramprastha. Internet is full of complaints, word of mouth is all praise.

                Eldeco and ATS are different - both internet and word of mouth is all praise! They must be really good. I can vouch for ATS, having visited really good apts in 93B and 50.

                So are Amarpali and Supertech - in a different way - both internet and word of mouth curses them! Must be really bad.
                Venky (Please read watch a or before posting)


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                  JP Moon Court

                  Hello Venky,

                  I understand Moon court apartment of jaypee is also sold out because of no emi scheme for three years which is being offered along with axis bank and HDFC. One has to pay just 20% amount.

                  In view of above why do you feel that the project will be delayed.

                  I came to know that Jaypee has even launched two new towers of moon court. Do you have any feedback in this regard.
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                    Venky, thanks for sharing your detailed analysis. Seems like you have quite a bit of insight into Kosmos. Just curious where do you get the information about overall sales status of Kosmos units. I am assuming Jaypee would obviously paint rosy picture of their project.

                    The discount you mentioned for Kosmos, is it available directly from JP or via some broker? I was interested in Kosmos, but have reservations about overall state of (i.e. lack of) progress in other JP projects.

                    I also heard that people, who booked Kosmos in July/Aug time, are getting "provisional" allotment letters for they units. Why does not JP send formal buyer agreement for the units like other builders?


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                      Pavilion Court

                      Do you guys have any view on Pavilion Court? Rate is 4850/- psf and are golf facing. One of my friend booked in pavilion court but construction is almost dead slow. In open resale market you can get pretty cheap... I heard Jaypee has sold out Pavilion Court.

                      I think there will be good demand for premium project like Pavilion Court IF they complete on time...


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