What do you guys think about Jaypee Greens Wishtown - NOIDA? Is this a good time to buy? Is Wishtown a good investment?

Cheers! :)
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  • Originally Posted by shanga1m
    Dear seniors, HELP !
    I have asked same question on kasa isles thread but was directed to this thread.
    Need to know the modus operandi with JP around delay penalty clause.
    In case three years are over from allotment, does one need to officially communicate to some one for the amount, or JP will style on its own and show in records of account statement on its own.
    Can some one guide me ?

    What is the rule if its less then three years...
  • Originally Posted by Poddarvaib
    I heard some customers are planning to move into pavilion court before diwali 2013. Waiting to see that happen.

    that will be great news... but what about the club... is it functional...
  • Got a promotional SMS about commercial investment in Food Court in Jaypee Wishtown, Sector 129 Noida. Not sure real or fake. Any such thing coming up there?
  • I have heard that JP has sold 8 acres commercial land ( Behind Kasa Isles) to Maharaja Whiteline and K8 are the developers who plan to have Mall and food court in the commercial area.
  • Jaypee has uploaded latest construction pics on their website for Kosmos only - some of the towers are looking good.
    Others must be round the corner - perhaps in a day or two.
  • Yaar koi Kasa isles ka 3D perspective nikalwa seakta hai ARCOP se ? :)
    ek baar to dekhne ko mile kaisa bana rahe hain Facade
    Construction Quality to Excellent hai . I checked Personally
  • Have a look at the Kasa Isles thread. One of the posters had taken a photo of the elevation that the contractor was carrying - gave a good view. You'll have to look at the attachments over the last 2-3 months and you'll find this.
  • So quick update - I had gone to WT today for a short while, this time with my better half. The idea was to actually walk (hike) up to our house on the 23rd floor in Kalypso - just the weather in the evening was awesome and we had a couple of hours to kill.

    We spent 90-95% time at Kalypso then a very quick sprint across WT GC side - couple of stops for Pics - 1-2 at PC, 1 at Kube and another 1-2 at Orchards before leaving.

    I'll try and post the pictures soon. My observations:


    - Work is on - slowly, in a steady sort of fashion, no canter, no gallop but steady.
    - Just 2-3 towers left with 2 floors max before structure complete for all 15 towers
    - As we walked up - the absolute common feeling we had was - this is fantastic - a great decision on our part. Sure there may be a few niggles, biggest amongst them was speed (lack thereof) - but it was just awesome. The higher we went the better we felt.
    - As we reached the 23rd floor (after much huffing and puffing) - the feel was just unbelievable - nice cool breeze blowing. Views of the GC 9 hole in the front, 18 hole to the left, the yamuna and flood plains in the front and the eWay and green belts towards the rear.
    - Excellent construction, good sized rooms, great lobby/lifts and whats more - JP is now building the green areas in front before the GC - all round the GC - the pics that I will attach should give some idea - but the greens are just coming up - I think 5-6 months we should really see this area shine
    - Colour combination - is what we saw in Kosmos - one tower (2) is starting final paint soon - and we both really thought the colour combination was pleasing
    - Our regrets: well we visited the 4BHK and for the first time - the Penthouse in Kalypso - really we thought - why couldnt we be born richer :). I am not kidding - the penthouse was something out of the blue - I think close to 5000 sq ft with a huge terrace garden, and all the amenities. As I understand - most of these penthouses have been kept by the owners of dealers themselves and some senior JP folks. Anyhow - we came back to our humble 2400 sq ft flat for a final visit - already doing the interior designing :)
    - Anyhow, that was that - I'd say the structure of the 15 towers is 95% done - T1/T2 may be handed over by end Dec or early new years - I hope JP puts the hammer in finishing these - in my opinion a league over PC (sorry I am probably biased)


    - I stopped for couple of Pics - T3. Still some work looked pending (finish already guys)
    - JP are the masters of greenery and horticulture in Noida BAR None - not even ATS. Excellent greenery is coming up around PC
    - I thought the PC cluster (8,9 etc) looked to be next - perhaps 4-5 months away. PH - 2/3 didnt seem as if TOO much work was going on (unless the focus is all inside, which could be the case)
    - Work was going well for the temple
    - I was amazed to see how fast JP has built up the fence and really cleared/levelled the area - where once (a month back?) - there was a disputed settlement. All remains of that have dissappeared - which is great
    - Knight looked to be the usual 1 floor up from last months visit


    - Amazing. The word to describe L&T construction is amazing
    - Apart from the folks doing Kasa - who'd come somewhere close - L&T are SO MUCH ABOVE other contractors in speed, professionalism, and quality that the difference is that of pitch dark, black night enveloped in a haze of fog TO a crisp, exceptionally bright sunny morning - that lifts your spirits. Even how their labour is dressed up (with neon L&T jackets and an amazing site maintenance), Really - I saw city center in 18 today as well being done by Leighton Infra for Wave - they are also awesome - its such a pleasure to see them vs other 4th category contractors, struggling away.
    - Both Kube and Orchards are progressing at 2-2.5 floors a month - clearly unprecedented for JP WT
    - Another thing I noted was the huge area to the right of Orchards - really big area. Hope JP does something nice with it

    Anyhow - thats the summary of a couple of hours spent today. Will add the pics soon

    Overall impression - still slow, steady, no mad canter (except Orchards/Kube) but no real slow down either. Def amongst the best places to stay in NCR
  • First few are view from Kalypso - I have probably posted these before. But it was a very nice cloudy day and the view across the yamuna were great and JP have started putting the greens around the GC - making the area still greener. Down further you see the colour scheme they are putting in Kalypso - I quite like it. Then a couple of pics around PC and the temple to the rear. And a pic of what was the disputed area a month before - all clear and fenced in now
  • The next lot is Kube (first cluster), Orchards A1 looking into B1 and the third is from A1 looking to A2, A3 etc
  • Sirji dil khush ho gaya dekh ke. Kalypso mein kya rate chal raha hai
  • Originally Posted by dineshsays

    - Both Kube and Orchards are progressing at 2-2.5 floors a month - clearly unprecedented for JP WT
    - Another thing I noted was the huge area to the right of Orchards - really big area. Hope JP does something nice with it

    Dinesh Praaji. Thanks for the update. Construction speed of orchard is so far good. To see the quality, waiting for the sample flat.
  • Originally Posted by Quest2012
    Sirji dil khush ho gaya dekh ke. Kalypso mein kya rate chal raha hai

    Approx 8500 bro - a few hundred +-
  • September pics are up folks - hv a look
  • Orchard picshttps://api.indianrealestateforum.com/api//v0/attachments/fetch-attachment?node_id=37872