What do you guys think about Jaypee Greens Wishtown - NOIDA? Is this a good time to buy? Is Wishtown a good investment?

Cheers! :)
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  • I guess move is to foray into transactional & recurring revenue model, but i hope Jaypee should keep coming back on track on completing the residential projects & starts giving possessions.
  • New Delhi: Jaypee Group will proceed with its ambitious microchip fabrication facility in partnership with International Business Machines Corp., betting that a new government at the centre will boost infrastructure development, the lack of which has discouraged semiconductor makers from setting up plants in Asia’s third-largest economy.
    Noida-based Jaypee, whose business interests include real estate, power and cement, will invest Rs.18,000 crore through group company Jaiprakash Associates Ltd in the first phase and is targeting the Indian electronics market with annual imports of $20 billion.
    Jaypee Group will decide between Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh for setting up the factory and will hold a majority stake in the new business.
    “I want to make something which has not been made in India so far, which is microchips,” executive chairman Manoj Gaur said in an interview on Friday. Jaypee is likely to rely on internal accruals and loan from banks to fund the project.
    Questions emailed to IBM on Saturday remained unanswered.
    In September, the government had approved setting up of two semiconductor wafer fabrication facilities in the country. The other consortium is led by Hindustan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. along with Europe’s ST Microelectronics and Malaysia’s Silterra. These facilities are expected to directly employ as many as 22,000 people and indirectly around 100,000.
    Jaypee, which is selling assets to pare its enormous debt, is betting that its semiconductor project will cater to growing demand from companies that are making electronic devices in India. So far, such companies have relied on imported microchips to power devices such as phones, computers and tablets.
    Setting up a microchip plant can be a risky venture, according to Sanchit Vir Gogia, chief analyst and chief executive of Greyhound Research, an IT and Telecom research and advisory firm.
    “Microchip business has been a very risky business. A lot of people got into it and then pulled out of it. Their manufacturing strategy will really decide their margins. We will have to wait and see what their strategy is,” said Gogia. “I am not very worried about the debt levels as this one will be a separate entity altogether.”
    Jaypee group’s debt has ballooned as it borrowed money to expand its cement, power and property businesses even as the economy slowed. High interest rates and a slowing economy depressed demand for homes, power and cement, leaving the group struggling to repay its debt.
    India’s economy grew slower than 5% for the seventh consecutive quarter in the three months ended 31 December.
    “With all respect to the prime minister and finance minister, who are among the finest economists. I feel very sad that despite them being a part of this government, the country suffered such a slump. Whatever happened to the economy, reasons I don’t know, but this government disappointed people at large,” Gaur said.
    Gaur said that people have voted in large numbers in the national elections to change the government, alluding that the Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party will form the next government. “The next government will run for five years. You be sure about that. This voting has happened because of that,” said Gaur.
    Meanwhile, Jaypee Group plans to use the proceeds from the sale of its assets to reduce its debt of Rs.60,000 crore. It will try to pare this down to Rs.35,000 crore by the end of 2014-15. The company sold assets worth Rs.15,000 crore in the last fiscal year.
    “We have made an investment of Rs.60,000 crore between 2006-2012 in these three areas but in the last three years, analysts and people feel that there is too much leveraging and too much investment the company has made,” Gaur said. “Our problem was that we invested in power and cement, but demand fell down. We were bullish on this market.”
    The group’s debt also increased because of its entry into motor sports. It organized India’s first Formula 1 race in October 2011, but failed to continue it beyond three seasons.
    Gaur is, however, hopeful to get the race back to India in two years. “We are 100% confident of getting it back,” said Gaur. “I would like to say that Formula One was more about prestige… When you do certain things for the first time, prestige comes but mind does not come that time.”
    The group has also decided to have majority equity participation in all its new businesses to avoid another debt trap.
    “We have learnt some lessons. When we were expanding in cement and power, our equity was in the range of 35-45%, and from now on, our equity participation in our new businesses will be higher,” Gaur said.
  • Originally Posted by dineshsays
    Updated March Pics are available on site

    Dinesh Bhai any new updates lately? I heard things are very slow. My friend went for a visit a couple of weeks before the elections and he was telling me he didn't see any labour in the Kalypso & Imperial stretch. When he asked the guards they said work was going on in higher floors which is why labour was not visible?
  • Hi bro not been there in 3-4 weeks but from the looks of it, JP hv gone back into pre-2010 days.

    We really wanted to shift in 2014 - pretty much impossible now
  • Originally Posted by dineshsays
    Hi bro not been there in 3-4 weeks but from the looks of it, JP hv gone back into pre-2010 days.

    We really wanted to shift in 2014 - pretty much impossible now

    I was okay with pre-2010 days they only had like 20-30% of the money. Now they are sitting on 100% of the money. Back then there was GFC I really hope this time its not JFC (Jaypee's financial crisis)

    I don't think T1 and T2 ppl will shift this year. Remember the cheaper projects always settle quicker and yet Pavilion has only had 4 families move in.
  • All correct observations. Only thing is PC now has 40 - 50 families now.
  • Originally Posted by dineshsays
    All correct observations. Only thing is PC now has 40 - 50 families now.

    Are they living full time or have they handed over 40-50 having completed the final touches?
  • I understand they r all living there. Perhaps anyone can confirm
  • That's what the guard there told me when I visited about a week back. I was considering options to take an apartment on rent but decided on One hamlet as that seemed better than PC. I will be going in that direction tomorrow. will try to look up and confirm.
  • there are 40-50 living, 2 of my friend just moved a month back .
  • I visited today, the guard told me that 26 families are living in towers 1 to 4 and about 4 families in the other towers. I drove around the complex and could spot about 15 apartments where families were living.

    However, overall WT construction is slow, much slower than it should be if this project is to be truly livable in the next 2 years IMHO.
  • Guys,
    Seems sector 129 & 134 (Kosmos, klassic, kasa, krescent) not within 10km radius of bird sanctuary as someone posted the aerial view in other thread -
    10Km Radius Around Bird sanctury on Map

    Radius stretches as far as Adobe systems, sector 132 .. thus, leaving sector 129, 134 and beyond unimpacted by NGT clause ?;);)

    May be experts can confirm.
  • Well. In any case, jp shouldn't be constructing at all while the stay is on.
    This will drag on for a while, I doubt the 100m limit will come into effect unchallenged.
    More agony and pain for buyers. Noida just doesn't seem to be worth a dime.
  • I think in simple terms this will represent another years delay in addition to all other delays.

    - UP govt will propose a much shorter limit
    - National wildlife board will reject it
    - To and fro tussule will go on
    - Lots of palms will be greased
    - Finally a limit will be agreed
    - Developers in that revised limit (affected guys) will submit further challenges to SC
    - Further delays and stays
    - National wildlife board will take sweet time/money in granting NOCs to builder - making them eligible to restart construction
    - builder will again restart construction and will again face issues of re-mobilization and others with sub contractors
    - etc etc

    Where in fxxx's name was this national green tribunal when flats were being sold by the lakhs

    Why are they allowing in Delhi - most of lutyens VIP zone, many posh/influential colonies fall in this zone
  • dinesh Ji,
    Delhi there is no construction at big level done by private developer so who will grease the palm.

    lot of VIPs owning property in delhi where as noida its mostly common man is stucked

    UP has no elections so they are building future road for BJP so that more and more people are against SP govt and SP also don't care now they are busy with other stuffs .

    Our MP from Noida is not stucked in anything and he has 5 years now he don't care for Noida people .

    Jaypee does not have good link with SP and they hired congress lawyer so that is another impact .