What do you guys think about Jaypee Greens Wishtown - NOIDA? Is this a good time to buy? Is Wishtown a good investment?

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  • So, why did UP Government ask DLF to immediately stop work on Mall of India because of NGT Order ? Those entities who have Environmental nod can continue with construction. That's the clarification which came today. I think JP has the clearance already but they will use it as a lame excuse for delayed possession. Good to see pressure being built on JP. Media coverage tomorrow can do wonders to awaken JP management team.
  • Originally Posted by orchardman
    All buyers should initiate a class action law suit against Jaypee. Our numbers is our only strength, use it right.

    We have paid money for getting livable apartments and not under construction buildings.

    My provisional allotment letter issued in Sep 2011 says the flat will be given 3.5 years.....that means the i should get the keys in next 6 months.......the reality is that the 33 floor tower has reached at only 11 floors in construction.

    So i should start getting penalty after 6 months........lets fk these bas****s hard.

    I am sure all r facing similar problems at various levels.......we shd discuss this only.

    Why cant we do a program on this on Times Now or other leading channels.......lets reach to the top....send mass letters and law suits to Jaypee owners directly in huge numbers.......inki ratton ki need harm kar do....like they have done ours.

    Hit them where it hurts most.

    Jago grahak jago..........

    Jaypee has around 100 cr due to be paid to l&t. If it is not clear by next month then l&t will withdraw from orchard and kube.
  • The main issue is that the purpose for which we are paying them money is not the purpose for which money is being used by Jaypee. Apart from that the right amount of late penalty is not being given. Super are increase issue is also not in favour of buyer.

    Not a single project is livable right now. New projects will be also be launched along the remaining strip of GC.

    Neither end users have got any thing nor investors from Jaypee. All we have a is a stupid GC that too is not used for playing golf.

    Wish Town Dreams are turning into nightmare. All this needs to change soon so that we don't lose.

    This is good investment if things are set right by builder.
  • Can somebody please tell me what this is? It will help me in deciding the unit i will buy.

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  • Can anyone please let me know outcome of protest.. sorry guys i m not in India..so i cudnt join but very much concerned about intime project delivery
  • Originally Posted by regent0108
    Can anyone please let me know outcome of protest.. sorry guys i m not in India..so i cudnt join but very much concerned about intime project delivery


    There was nothing in the news.
  • Pleas watch zee network n CNN IBN for jaypee protest coverage. About 500 buyers gathered which completely took jaypee by surprise, it was nothing like they have seen before. Ofcourse as expected all our demands were rejected but look out for next steps.
  • https://api.indianrealestateforum.com/api//v0/attachments/fetch-attachment?node_id=53310
  • Guys, please update us all about today's protest.
    What's the next plan ??
  • MOM for 30th August Meeting.
  • Just boycott noida re for 6 months
  • They will keep on commiting dates...better put a case in court...
  • Wishtown protest

    I saw the protest video in youtube and can count hardly 50 people.
    What a shame these protest with such thin crowd only give strength to bloody builders.
    I rather suggest to do call conference or signature campaign and file court case instead wasting energy and hoping for builder mercy.
    Don't wait if you have even 100 people in group just file a law suite.
  • It's a great effort by 500 of folks and my thanks and congratulations to them on doing the needful. We may have to brace for long haul and will have to keep the pressure on Jaypee mngmt.

    I will also request the team to start a representation to Ministry of Urban Affairs to remind them how the poor middle class of this country is suffering so heavily at the hands of builders. It's high time they change the archaic laws and clause which are exploited to hilt by these builders.:(