What do you guys think about Jaypee Greens Wishtown - NOIDA? Is this a good time to buy? Is Wishtown a good investment?

Cheers! :)
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  • Originally Posted by Aviral79
    As everyone has answered I will keep it short.... End of wish town is a the biggest drawback. If I gv you an example rates of towers in klassic closer to exp way A10 is higher in comparison to inner but park facing towers like B 2. That is the majority mindset. I would suggest go for golf facing...if in kube Take up a higher floor if necessary. Higher floors are my preference. Park facing in kube is also good. Yamunna from top of PH actually looks great as you cnt see the details but village facing is a bigg no. Tough to sell in any market condition.

    Lot of people say go for krescent/kasa. But I wanna stick to the GC side coz of density and gentry expected to stay on this side. So final call - I've dropped the idea of taking a higher floor in kube. No point compromising on floor to get better specs. I'll stick to my original idea. 1420 sq ft in kba. Hope I'm thinking right.
  • Originally Posted by Poddarvaib
    Hi first time buy: my congratulations on you considering a property purchase at a young age. You are laying a foundation for great wealth building. Do consider compounding on your investment before you make a decision to buy. In my experience only land in north india gives reasonable returns after compounding for the holding period. Plus the hassle and risk i dont think its worth it to buy an apartment for investment in the NCR region.

    Sir ji, age has nothing to do with my property buying decision. I am living with my parents in a big house (but a horrible locality). It's a house on half an acre land! But what's the use of it when u don't have any facilities closeby. Surrounded by traffic, congested always.

    My parents will never move out coz of the attachment to the house. But the new generation doesn't think like their parents anymore. I would want to live in a peaceful area, with all facilities.

    You know what they say - jab jago tab savera
  • Wife ka plan can't be overruled, enjoy sir!! We can wait another day knowing none of us are getting homes in another 3 months... :-)

    Originally Posted by dineshsays
    Report tomorrow guys. The wife booked movie tickets
  • It is perspective dear, they look like candles standing glowing in the dark. I know people are not to happy when they compare it ATS village, but compared with what others are doing around, they are still class apart.

    Originally Posted by rahulkumar12
    It looks really poor.
  • Originally Posted by Dikraa
    It's been a while since I visited the two.

    Last time I was at Omaxe there was gutter water flowing all over and the place was stinking.

    Things might have changed since then

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    Could have been a one off day.... I do pay a.visit every few weeks to see relatives and found everything specially the club impeccable.. The paint outside of it was ugly. But they hv redone that as well ....with FAR Of 1 point Something this Is easily one the best on expressway. If only I worked In noida I would settled here long ago.
  • Summary of Trip to JP Wishtown in 17/09/2014

    1. No Labour on site as we realised later it was Vishwakarma day – for a while I was really scared that no work was going on
    2. Work is going on – but less than steady pace. Talking to various guards, engineers on site – it has been established beyond doubt that labour is much lower than what it needs to be
    3. I’ve taken some estimates at how much each project will take looking at speed on ground and what I like to call ‘JP time’ – viz take logical construction time and add the same to arrive at completion timelines. There was bullet time in Matrix and there is JP time in the real world. I have been very wrong in earlier estimates, I raise my hand but I based those out of progress from 2010 – 2013 which were good years. JP has simply pulled the plug on speed. There is no meaningful intent to complete. Even talking to a guard there – he said he has been serving in WT since 2009 and this is the ‘lowest’ in terms of labour. We have got to involve the courts guys – this is very serious.
    4. Kalypso 11-16 had 50-60 labour, whole of Imperial had only 250 labour – considering there are 400 huge flats – one can guess how much time it will take to finish. Kalypso looks to take another 2 years to complete fully. Imperial also about the same.
    5. PC – apart from 1-2 clusters is virtually complete but to my disappointment – even in already delivered flats, painting has not been done in some cases and paint was found peeling off. PC apart from tower 5 and Royale which is anyone’s guess, will take another year to complete. And I do hope another layer of paint is quickly applied. Are the residents reading this? Have you spoken to JP about it?
    6. PH all looked to be structure complete and second tower which is in advanced stage (right side of the tower) actually looked very good. In all towers of PH finishing was in progress, and shops were also being done. My guess is PH1 will take 2 years, PH2 will take 1.5 years, PH3 will take 2 years and PH4 will take 2.5 years.
    7. 1 cluster of Augusta court looked ready and actually very nice. Currently the best of what WT has to offer. One cluster will take about 6 months and second cluster will take 1.5 years
    8. Happy with Knight Court – does look structure is getting completed along with internal walls. Could see a little bit of finishing work also having started. It looked about 2.5 years from possession complete with ‘JP time’
    9. Kristal court raft for 2 towers is nearly ready and basement work is starting soon. For 1 piling was going on and for another piling has not started. The contractor said cash flow is ok from JP and they will target 1 floor in 20 odd days in Kristal. They are the same people who are doing pebble court – on asking why pebble court is going so slow – just 5-6 floors was a little taken aback and then hunted for answers – Sir, contractor had left in middle and then there were payment issues going on. Anyone’s guess but I’d say atleast another 5-6 years from now.
    10. Kasablanca piling was going on. I’d say another 6-7 years from now. Only thing in Kristal and KB’s favour is that next round of payments are fully construction driven and in most cases heavily linked with possession – incase that is – JP is interested in completing and realising.
    11. Boomerang Residency – digging is complete and one can make out that piling may start soon. That area will take 4 odd years to stabilise if ‘JP time’ is not added and another 5-6 years to complete
    12. Kalisto court looking good and posh – will take 6 months – 1.5 years before we see possession (In this case one has to consider the okhla bird sanctuary issue also). Plus they will have a bad time with Kristal/Kasablana construction going all around them for many more years
    13. Townhomes and Oriental Villas – coming up well, sharp though a little slow. I respect the contractor JMC - who has done a good job with Kasa Isles so far. Still at least 2 years away or a little more. Once done these will be pride of place along with Augusta, Kalisto etc for JP residents - HSV (high snob value ;)
    14. Kube had some towers till 14-15 floors but L&T did seemed to have left :( – though no one there confirmed it. No guesses on handover and completion in a situation like this. Considering L&T was going on in full flow – I’d have said 3-4 years from now (but one can add another 1.5 to 2 years should there be a big standoff). Sorry guys - this is a tough situation - unite and get after JP
    15. Orchards – I counted 29 floors for B1 and other B towers were also doing well but A towers had a time-warp around it – no work going on – in normal course I’d have said 3-4 years from now will complete possession happen. But the L&T issue makes the potential for delay a pretty severe additional 1-2 odd years for both Kube and Orchards. But no taking away from the fact that L&T is a phenomenal contractor and they could have even completed the entire Kube and Orchards in 2-3 years if they went on full tilt. But not going to happen so better not expect
    16. Kensington Boulevard looks to have caught up – with most towers approaching structure complete – 3-3.5 years with ‘JP time’ ?? – I realised KB is a pretty good project actually. It has a pretty good approach from the rear/side gate – then there are no project towers apart from KP plots roof tops for a very good distance – still there will not be a cramped feeling
    17. KP Plots – still nothing – all are waiting and watching – I think JP pressing the ‘fine’ button will actually be good for the area – but what to do, you cant get possession certificate because of NGT. Another 4-5 years before this area starts looking good.
    18. KPA – a little ahead of KB – these apartments are actually quite ahead – unfortunately there is not much talk on them on IREF etc but these are a good buy these days – I’ll say about 2.5-3 years from now
    19. GI – good to see a number of towers had reached 2-3 floors, the road outside had definitely improved and the new Adobe complex was coming up very well. It’s a very large project and I think handovers to full handovers will take 5 years (starting) – 7 years for final handover. Further, one good thing I could make out on GI is that they are doing a full RCC shear structure which imparts more rigidity and earthquake protection
    20. Klassic (main ones – not counting Klassic Heights/ONGC etc) – all are now structure complete with various towers in various stages of completion. I’d say full Klassic handover will take another 2 years and another 1 year for the other Klassic ones. Good to see JP changing the horrid yellow colour combination we all complained about a few months back.
    21. Kosmos - shining light of my trip. The finished towers – were really looking good. Colour combination was very nice, club coming up was good and at 4000 psf – if one can now buy Green facing units – 8-15 floors – one clear area in Noida that I see some appreciation. Imagine about a year or so back I had predicted the Kosmos will be done by 2014-2015. Nope add more ‘JP time’ to it. I’d say 2-2.5 more years – by end of 2016 looks likely
    22. Kasa Isles – JMC is a good good contractor, I think Kasa is a solid project. I also hope JP keeps cash flow of JMC up and they can deliver – would you believe in a few months most of Kasa Isles towers will have ‘topped out’. They were not even in piles till a couple of years back. 2.5-3.5 years if all goes well. There is this one slowpoke tower – but they have started construction on it as well
    23. Krescent Court – the problem with Krescent is a very very skewed approach – while towers coming up well are good – RCC shear wall, metal formwork being used etc - it seems all focus is on 2-3 towers only and that is a really really poor approach which never helps anyone – especially end users. Now even if 1-2 towers get made in 2-3 year – they will never be able to live with other towers being constructed – this close. I’d say it will take another 4-4.5 years
    24. I didn’t see other Klassic towers (ONGC etc) much but one can add 1-1.5 years to whatever is the timeline for Klassic
    25. What else – yeah the hospital looked very good from the outside, so did the admin building (now operational - cars were parked outside - poor JP planning?), gates and golf course
    26. Boomerang is structure complete – I’d say operations will start in 2 odd years with JP time
    27. Oh yeah – I saw a number of other commercials boards which I’d not seen before – around JP exit ahead of Krescent – Ajnara Magaleio, even Gulshan Homes had something there – guess JP has sold more land to other builders. This is apart from OMG, KC etc which were launched earlier. I have no intention of jumping in – even if I live in JP one day and want my own commercial space, I am certain there will be plenty of options in the future.

    Pictures to follow soon – let me know if I missed anything or you’d like any more details
    The movie was finding fanny which I went to yesterday – Indian Cinema is maturing up IMHO – good to see. At least the movie industry is progressing if our real estate industry is regressing

  • Originally Posted by MeinSonu
    u should see it in the night from the expressway....:-)

    When I see them in the night, they remind me of dementors from Harry Potter. Rising high from the ground, having a frighteningly imposing presence :D
  • Originally Posted by AnthonyGonza
    When I see them in the night, they remind me of dementors from Harry Potter. Rising high from the ground, having a frighteningly imposing presence :D


    I have a very average aesthetic sense and imagination vis-à-vis structures. Fact that they exist and shine in the night give me a smile and makes me gappy. I am invested there. Choose it over kalypso 2 years ago since I was already invested in krescent, and thought putting all eggs in one basket is a bad idea.
  • Honestly guys - kill this - timepass band karo
  • Originally Posted by dineshsays
    Honestly guys - kill this - timepass band karo

    Thanx for the effort

    Dinesh what abt the construction pace in garden isles I think work is going at brisk pace in all towers of GI
  • Dinesh Sir, according to JP final coat of paint in PC will be done only after 70pc of occupancy is achieved...till now 60 families are residing...may be a gimmick...not sure..but yes it needs the final coat desperately. ..
  • Originally Posted by dineshsays

    21. Kosmos - shining light of my trip. The finished towers – were really looking good. Colour combination was very nice, club coming up was good and at 4000 psf – if one can now buy Green facing units – 8-15 floors – one clear area in Noida that I see some appreciation. Imagine about a year or so back I had predicted the Kosmos will be done by 2014-2015. Nope add more ‘JP time’ to it. I’d say 2-2.5 more years – by end of 2016 looks likely

    4000 Rs. - is it all inclusive price or basic rate?

    And is it the builder rate for unsold inventory or resale rate?
  • Thanks Dinesh for your update. Greatly appreciate your efforts!
  • Thanks for such a nice summary of the facts.... I see how agony have replaced the zeal in your posts on wishtown.

    Its a real pain to realize that delay, super area increase all happening and we are getting fooled every time we try to find a solution by meeting JP officials......

    I agree to Dinesh that probably involving court is the only way out. In recent times we have seen many instances where courts have acknowledged the misdeeds of the builder and appropriately punished them.....
  • Originally Posted by dineshsays
    Honestly guys - kill this - timepass band karo

    Chill. It does not hurt to have some fun once in a while :o