What do you guys think about Jaypee Greens Wishtown - NOIDA? Is this a good time to buy? Is Wishtown a good investment?

Cheers! :)
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  • Originally Posted by noidabuy
    Dear IREF colleagues, I'd be forever obliged if some of you could inbox me details of some agent/consultant who could get me a good house in Kosmos. Looking - for end use- at a 3BHK.

    This thread has been an eye opener.
    I just hope that the green tribunal wont be a spoiler and JP wont go belly-up. People like me buy a home only once or twice in life

    Friend - I know how it feels when you read great reviews and see some pics - but since its your life savings, I would sincerely recommend that you wait for a few more months, basically wait for the following triggers.
    Jaypee's financial fallout after their divestments have kicked in and debts reduced to manageable levels.
    Actual delivery of possession of a good number of Kosmos flats.

    The rates would, if not fall further would likely remain in the same perimeter, or if the fallout of the above are positive go up by about 5-8% which translates into 200-300/sft. you can earn this by savings in housing loan interest or by investing in FD's or balanced funds for 4-8 months. In any case go only for a RTM flat and not UC flat. The difference could be 100-150/sft, but it can save you from a lot of heartburn and uncertaintiy and totally worth each paise of the premium.

    disclosure - I do hold two units in Knights court. so my assumptions are biased on the well being of jaypee and based on concerns experienced by me till now.

    I wish you luck with your purchase and may the new year bring your aspirations to reality.
  • Adding to what ever one has already stated , I am lot less worried now... I think things will fall in place now. The only difference is that I feel the price rise will be much more quicker then most people are anticipating. But that's just my opinion. For investors it makes absolute sense to hold now for next 8 to 10 months.
  • I think too much pessimism has been brought about by brokers in forum here . Ive been visiting Wish town for 2 yrs and see impressive development in different parts. When you look at the majestic size of the project its quite obvious that delays are inevitable.

    However, there are 90% builders delaying their respective projects and JP being biggest will be the biggest looser with majority of investors or end users looking at deliveries year after year. As pointed out by seniors , once execution of critical Premium Projects takes place in 6 months and we start seeing the real gentry moving in, things can only get better .

    There isn't a place in Noida with such fantastic infrastructure for a gr8 living with hospitals/schools/colleges being just a km from most projects. Time is the essence and with $$ situation improving at least on debt front for JP, they can hopefully manage their cash rotation in a better way and give that final boost for 4-5 long term projects. Once the monkey is out of the back , the other stuck projects should get more attention and of course the necessary funds to get the ball rolling.

    Fingers crossed and lets hope there are more people living in Wish town and the term Wish there was a town goes out of the most people's mind.
  • Abhinav, can you please give an update on Krescent homes. Would surely be quite a walk from your apartment though.
  • That's Adobe building, we will be moving soon...
    Originally Posted by abhinav_2325
    unnamed commercial tower near completion
  • Originally Posted by nitinitin
    That's Adobe building, we will be moving soon...

    What will b d total strength of dis office nitin
  • Originally Posted by rahul21jan81
    I have always believe in Jaypee and like so much wishtown concept..I think by 2017 jaypee can deliver 80% of township which will great..

    There is still a significant portion which Jaypee is still to launch/ sell in Golf side. However in existing projects, 80% completion by 2017 could be a good assumption
  • ~1500 not sure of specifics yet but has 7 floors and more space for further expansion. People living in Indirapuram and other areas have started planning which areas to look for rent/buy for this office movement. This should happen in March-May timeframe. However not sure if this is also dependent on NGT?

    Originally Posted by dhinkachika
    What will b d total strength of dis office nitin
  • Ok. I had a quick visit to WT. Only saw Kalypso and KB.

    Ill post some pics, but need to curb in some of the earlier enthusiasm. Situation has improved but a long way to go
  • Originally Posted by dineshsays
    Ok. I had a quick visit to WT. Only saw Kalypso and KB.

    Ill post some pics, but need to curb in some of the earlier enthusiasm. Situation has improved but a long way to go

    Hi dinesh
    Happy new year

    Was there movement in kristal if u noticed
  • Nirman sadan NOIDA WISH TOWN
  • Adding a few pics
  • A few more
  • Last few.

    I spoke to the gaurds at length. Work is on in Kalypso 1, 2, 3, 4, 15 n 16. Rest is stopped.

    This means that all these will be delivered in 2015 but not the rest.

    Imperial also will only be handed over in 2016. Work was going on there.

    Lot of the pics above - greens around Kalypso abutting the 9 hole GC

    Massive green area with jogging path - beautiful

    Kristal 1-3 work was going on...4 and KB piling seemed to hv just finished.

    The nirman sadan complex is really really beautiful

    But overall still slow - but going on
  • Originally Posted by caplayer2012
    Nirman sadan NOIDA WISH TOWN

    They need a better looking logo.

    Pi like the older one better. This one looks very amateurish.....like a kids summer project.