What do you guys think about Jaypee Greens Wishtown - NOIDA? Is this a good time to buy? Is Wishtown a good investment?

Cheers! :)
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  • Originally Posted by dineshsays
    Dont agree with this. If someone is not telling something correctly and the other person is correcting him - you should not be telling the person doing the correction to basically keep off.

    Please dont go personal by judging an individual and attacking him by saying he works for JP etc. That is absolutely not called for.

    How can you say let people continue to spread rumours - is this what you come to IREF for?

    Abhinav - please - you are doing great work by factually calling peoples bluffs - do continue to do so.

    And meragharonda ji - have you considered he may be defending because yeh Abhinav bro ka gharonda hai!!

    Dinesh Ji, I did not say Abhinav or anyone else should not be giving their views/reality. Please read my post again. I also did not say people should continue to spread rumors. You are making out a different meaning.
  • dinesh, thanks but can we request moderators to step in and check the multiple ID holders working from the same IP addresses ?
    Its very possible that we are talking to the same person with multiple ID's.

    My question to the people who say that they own a house in pavilion court and telling that there was a problem in plaster to answer this-
    1) Whats the name of the chief security man in charge of pavilion court?
    2) Whats the name of the guy who cleans the cars in the morning?
    3) How much exactly did you pay for the electric meter installation?
    4) Who was the site engineer escorting you to your flat before the final delievery?
    5) what is the name of the man in charge of your tower for maintain issues?

    Dinesh, when these plaster rumors are totally baseless. I notify the whole IREF community and PAVilion court owners/investors , that jaypee gives you complete right to check and point out any flaws in your flat before the final delievery, dinesh, i was so harsh on them, that I even forced them to clean the whole apartment twice or thrice, they did the POP part once again just when i shwoed them a minor crack.
    They fixed and rectify the tiniest issue in the tiles .One of my tiles was having a crack and they had to change the whole bathroom tiles for that and they did it, and it made the apartment dirty which they had to clean again. Infact , i was so fussy and i could have been less harsh on them.

    PLEAse please please, do not spam ... what s your problem guys? why do you want to defame jaypee? you are outsiders? whats your issue? , i have experience this for them first hand.
    Until and unless , you are satisfied you can alwasy refuse to take the final hand over and the man from the office will visit the house with you with the engineer on the site to satisfy all your problems, they even fix things now, 8 months after the final possession, minor plumber issues to electric for free of charge.
    I think no others who actually live on pav court, are actually on iref.
  • Abhinav lives in wishtown and is proud of his decision of investing and holding in. No one likes when decisions are questioned without basis and worst some of them may not be correct as well. In India we have become too social and do things on forum/whatsapp/facebook and away from reality. I will see some message and act as if I myself have experienced it.. it is a phenomenon which everyone has adopted.. I like what Abhinav posts in his snaps as I have my home in PH, and dream of living it soon. At the same time I will like Abhinav to be neutral in his language and let not his emotions come in play. This sometimes undermine the impact of his statement..

    On quality of PC/PH I had earlier posted comments of my bro-in-law who is IES-Civil and constructed SPM swimming stadium. He visited towers when they were in raw finishing stage sometime in 2013. I will put them here for reference:
    1- The plaster he showed me by scratching at many places was hard, and the finish of the walls smooth. He rated it one of the best in private builders
    2- The flooring was in progress and he pointed out water proofing layer in bathroom and even kitchen which again is not seen by other builders
    3- At many places he was able to spot murga-jali used in walls under plaster, which makes it strong not many builders use.
    4- He found some tiles were hollow and should be taken care while we take possession
    5- The internal fittings were of high quality pvc pipes, and for the one planned with geysers had insulation layer over them
    6- The foundations - I guess are pilled ones which not many were using at that point of time despite building in Yamuna bed... Dinesh can write more on this point. I am not technically aware.

    There were more which I dont remember today. As Dinesh said what we see in finishing is 5% of value and can be taken care of...but what goes in structure, electrical etc inside of buildings is what determines the building quality in long run..
  • one more question to the self proclaimed pavilion court owners ?
    The trickiest one to answer?

    how many keys are there which are handed over in numbers?
    how many of them are of doors and how many of them are of wardrobes?
  • this is the problem of online forums, more than half are spammers.
    but at least i have found a way to challenge their rumors.

    i will make your life difficult, spammers,
    bahut maje le liye , now someone is living in pav court and will continue to give the real ankho dekha haal of wishtown

    safed joonth bolte hain yaar, gussa nahi ayegi??????
  • 3 per door and 2 per cupboard with a lemon stuck in with nails in a nice little box . Abinav the discussion has to be balanced can't be my way or the highway. The township has a long way to go till we can claim success and the biggest issue is speed of execution so that we can call it The place ro live. Others I agree to dinesh are trivial and and least of my worry. These are bound to happen when millions of apartments are being developed with a highly underpaid overworked and untrained workforce and a corrupt system at levels both in the private and the govt sector
  • answer the other question too and the total number of keys ? what lemon are you talking about? I did not get any such box of lemon stuck with the nails )
    1) Whats the name of the chief security man in charge of pavilion court?
    2) Whats the name of the guy who cleans the cars in the morning?
    3) How much exactly did you pay for the electric meter installation?
    4) Who was the site engineer escorting you to your flat before the final delievery?
    5) what is the name of the man in charge of your tower for maintain issues?
    Please tell why you did not tell them to rectify the plaster issue before the final hand over? They did not refuse me at all and all the people who i spoke with in my neighbour hood? why they would have to refuse you ?
    can you share your name and tower with the forum?
    Please co operate, there are lots of spammers in this forum . do not take it personally.
    And can you please make a video or take photos of bad plaster in your house and share with the fourum ?
  • Originally Posted by firstimebuy
    Dinesh Ji - your arguments have a lot of reasoning behind. Thats why nobody argues or refutes your point of view.

    But the way Abhinav just dismisses all critics is not done. Plus his sarcastic remarks - tu sahi hai bhai, tu jeet gaya bhai, Everyone is a rumour monger, Jaypee is best. It doesnt go down well without proofs. He says work is at full speed 24 hours. Since he is so fond of proving everyone wrong, why cant he click some pics to do so. Would love to see photos from projects other than Kalypso, Pavillion and Imperial.

    Give Your 'Aakho Dekha Haal' please. Ek baar kensington (park and boulevard), Kristal, Kasablanca dekh ke aao. Im not talking about non golf properties and forget orchards and Kube. Aapki hawa nikal jayegi. You will be forced to swallow your pride and agree that the township is far FAR FAR away from being completed even in next 5 years

    ab aur photo lunga, aur hawa nikalunga, whenever i have time
  • U finally got me . I am a broker but who are u then a JP cop
  • okay, i was free for the last two days as i had a flu and i was staying home, i am somehow fed up of talking with the spammers.
    sometimes, i just want dinesh and other neutral minded people to move in and take some burden off my shoulders.
    fighting with spammers is overwhelming at times.
  • Originally Posted by vishtown
    U finally got me . I am a broker but who are u then a JP cop

    relax bro, i never called you a broker.
    i am not a prophet
    i share the truth with the people with evidences and you should share the truth with the evidences as well, thats my request
    thats it.
    if there are more guys who dislike my efforts than the ones who appreciate , i can really retire from this forum.
    its overwhelming for me sometimes, bas safed joonth saha nahi jaata.
  • abhinav bro...

    Nice work.

    I am not very active on forum but keep watching everything.
  • thanks bro, real guys ,, please move in to wishtown fast, i am suffering the spam heat alone sometimes.
  • Let us move on then. Have the pavilion arcade shops started operating. Gets these functional will add one star and must be on our list of demands
  • The pavilion court shops are ready and waiting for NGT final notificaiton so that they can be operational.
    Since they are commercial properties they cant be rented without a proper registration/NGT final notification.

    I am eagerly waiting for that too.

    But the home delievery guys are doing a great job. Sab kuch ghar par hi aa jata hai. so no disaster.

    even jaypee maintainece team helps in getting me groceries , they are very willing to do so. no problems with that too.

    wishtown aur noida mein asli jaan tab ayegi jab NGT notification ke baad registration chaloo hoga.

    NGT notification< more people will move in < final coat of paint in exterior lobby/corridor and common areas will be done only when 50 % people move in< groceries and clubs will get a push to be operational( club work is on at a good pace)