What do you guys think about Jaypee Greens Wishtown - NOIDA? Is this a good time to buy? Is Wishtown a good investment?

Cheers! :)
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  • Originally Posted by Magadh_Pride
    Nice pics man. Thank you

    4 tower complex is the P14 to 18 you mean? Are towers 15~16 ready now?

    No, not yet. But work is on at a satisfactory pace.
    Yes these are 14 -18
    Cheers :)
  • Originally Posted by sikander
    Thanks for posting great pics. Someone commented that OC and Kube are cheap. When I looked at Jaypee prices on their website, it did not look cheap to me. Are we talking about resale? If yes, what is the approx resale price Kube & Orchards? Also, does the 40 lakhs payment represent 30% payment under the 30:70 plan.

    Bro, yes we were talking about resale.
    You can check some online portals.
    Good luck
  • Jaypee Greens - Noida

    Also, in resale you can have choice of units while in fresh not many unit options are available. For Kube, I was only getting ground floor options in fresh. Although kube was in my budget, I went for higher floor in KPA as I did not want ground floor. So, if you go for fresh your options are limited (both in terms of floor choice and project) irrespective of whether you find it cheap or not :-(
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  • Originally Posted by Poddarvaib
    Dinesh bhai, lodha is building a similar type of project called palava on the outskirts of mumbai, needless to say something like this cannot happen in the main city just like it cannot happen in south delhi. The prices in palava range from 6500 to 12000 psf.

    In south mumbai prices easily range in the bracket you talk about.

    Palava is more like inskirts of Kalyan rather than the outskirts of Mumbai. Ridiculous pricing I must say for the location. Wonder how is the offtake
  • Happy holi to all :)
  • Originally Posted by abhinav_2325
    kingswood oriental are coming up well, lovely property , they are not too expensive either.
    possession is on its way, i personally really like them

    How many car parks they offer in Kingswood Oriental?
  • Happy Holi folks - hoping for a great year ahead with many news of possessions rolling in.
  • Originally Posted by victor43
    How many car parks they offer in Kingswood Oriental?

    Victor bro, I do not know that but the parking spaces in my pavilion house is big enough to park a mini truck or tata 407
  • I am so happy jain bro, that finally you liked a comment by me.
    Happy holi to you.
  • Of course dude, happy holi to everyone!!

    Originally Posted by abhinav_2325
    I am so happy jain bro, that finally you liked a comment by me.
    Happy holi to you.
  • Abhinav Dude, Sorry im writing after a while. Was off to dubai for the week. Concrete jungles there look so nice to look at compared to the ones in Noida!!!!

    Anyways, back to the point. I had requested you if you can share pictures of actual construction in projects rather than views from your balcony. Aap batein toh badi acchi karte ho but do little to prove your point. I had challenged you to click pics and prove me wrong. You claim that construction is full speed in all projects. Show us.

    Go to kasablanka, Kristal, Pavillion royale, Kensington Boulevard, Kensington Park.

    Rumour Mongers?? You are the biggest one.
  • Originally Posted by utkarsh dutt
    Dubai for a week, name firstimebuy, something suspicious
    firstimebuy means looking for distressed deal 2000/sqft in noida.

    Naam pe mat jao. One user called "bhikhari" has kalypso court 4 bhk gc facing flat. :bab (59):
  • Bhikaris make a lot these days
  • Originally Posted by vishtown
    Bhikaris make a lot these days

    Bhikari has no loans so net worth is positive unlike most middle class whose net worth is in negative