What do you guys think about Jaypee Greens Wishtown - NOIDA? Is this a good time to buy? Is Wishtown a good investment?

Cheers! :)
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  • Originally Posted by zohaib2012
    1. Your society in Indirapuram will not be having 2000 flats ...More the number...more issues in control and discipline

    2. Indirapuram was launched in early 2000s and Majority buyers were end users from east delhi...The Flats in noida are mostly in hands of Investors.
    Any society with more end users..is always better....
    Hardly any societies in Present UC noida which has majority End users

    3. Now when societies are RTM...maintenance will be biggest factor....thats where societies like ATS village became the best compared to eldeco and parasvnath next door

    I STONGLY Suggest ANY Owner in Any Society

    - Keep a tight Leash on tenants , etc etc....Ban students, bachelors from the begining..else you will lose demand and market value very soon


    5 years back there were not much crowd as compared to today. In sector 62 noida there was only Gaurav Adhikari apartment in which bachelors (mainly boys :-) ) were able to get the flats.

    Reason was, it was very badly maintained as compared to others and families were less interested in them,

    Everybody's first choice is always family as tenant. So, if your society is maintained badly then off course u will see less families.

    My Predictions about sector 7X (Have less knowledge about express way)

    Societies that will have more bachelors,

    Amrapali, Supertech, aditya, sethi etc

    Societies that will have more families,

    Prateek , Mahagun etc.

    Checkout their rents , nowadays there is a difference of 3000 in their rent.

    My friends are searching for rented flats there
  • Originally Posted by homelessGuy
    whats the approx rent rate thats people are willing to pay for kosmos at this stage ?

    .........say for example for a 1200 sqft ready flat....

    any one ?
  • Dear Folks,
    Please find today's proceedings at NCDRC hereunder for KnightsCourt project at Jaypee WishTown, Noida:

    1. NCDRC rejected JP's application of denial of KnightsCourt Complaint.

    2. NCDRC put 10,000 Rs penalty on JP for delayed response. They suppose to revert in 30-45 days however took more then 90 days.

    3. NCDRC rejected JP's application to remove 12 members from the complaint who has more then 1 flats. However requested KnightsCourt Buyer Association to provide affidavit from those members for personal use accordingly.

    4. KnightsCourt rejoinder accepted by NCDRC.

    5. NCDRC gave direction to JP to provide final delivery date as JP's lawyer communicated that construction is almost completed. On which NCDRC asked weather JP's has filed the OC for the project or not on which JP response was negative. KCBA out rightly rejected the same and communicated that construction is at standstill and no delivery/possession in near future even in an year or so.

    6. NCDRC requested both the parties (JP & KCBA) to meet in between to verify the construction status and if they can come to a amicable solution.

    7. Next/Final hearing will be on 19th May 2016.

    In a nutshell, great outcome and focusing on the final outcome to get what we asked in our prayer at NCDRC against JP's all wrong-doing.

  • Finally Got possession letter for Jaypee Greens Moon Court Project in greaternoida........☺
  • Originally Posted by vktomar1974
    Finally Got possession letter for Jaypee Greens Moon Court Project in Greater Noida........☺

    Any idea what rent can I get for this (2 BHK).
  • Originally Posted by vktomar1974
    Any idea what rent can I get for this (2 BHK).

    Correct me if im wrong... I thought that there is no tenants available in Jaypee greater Noida. I know so many towers completely empty.

    The problem is that Greater Noida is not ready for suh expensive properties. Why will someone pay rent of 40k when infinite options are available at 15K
  • Someone mentioned in the Facebook Jaypee Wish Town group that Jaypee has received OC. Can someone confirm this news? If true it will be a great news.
  • For all projects.... gc and n gc side?????
  • For 55 towers its reported. Customer care must be on holiday today. Will get a confirmation by tomorrow.
  • Originally Posted by deeprupani
    For 55 towers its reported. Customer care must be on holiday today. Will get a confirmation by tomorrow.

    Wow 55 .that means all pending cc they got...
  • We have a separate whatsapp group for kosmos KM10 related issues .... If there is anyone from KM10 please let us know ur mobile number and will add you to the group.
  • Any update on completion certificate..... guys.......
  • JP customer care have confirmed on some development on Saturday. They will confirm the exact status in couple of hours.
  • Yahooooo!!!!


    Dear Sir,

    Greetings from Jaypee Greens!

    At last we have a good news that can be shared with you. Finally the OC obtained for your tower and within next 10 days final Offer of Possession letter shall be sent to you.


    Aparna Bajpai - Asst. Manager
    Team Kalypso -Customer Relationship Cell, Jaypee Greens,
    Jaiprakash Associates Limited, Sector - 128, Noida - 201304 (U.P.) INDIA
    contact No.- 1800-102-8484 (Toll Free) *Email id- kalypso@jalindia.co.in
    For regular construction updates, please visit our website: Jaypee Greens

    Customer Service hours : 10: 00 a.m to 05:30 p.m Monday to Saturday. Site visits hours 10:00 a.m to 12: 30 p.m and 2:00 p.m to 5:00 p.m. Please take prior appointment to avoid any inconvenience. .
  • dineshsays; bhai

    I received similar mail.

    hmmmmm. now its time to arrange fund.