What do you guys think about Jaypee Greens Wishtown - NOIDA? Is this a good time to buy? Is Wishtown a good investment?

Cheers! :)
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  • Originally Posted by MeinSonu
    What does it say about late delivery penalty?

    Recieved till June or July this year when flat was ready citing NGT as force majure. @10 Rs psf

    Unfortunately set off by 10% Super Area increase at booked at rate
  • Brother please do a cad design of the apartment this 10% increase in area is gonna be the biggestscam of the decade............ Again depends on if you wanna pursue this

    Employee an architect and if you see something fishy act on it
  • Jaypee Infratech Ltd promises 5,300 flats in 2 months
    NEW DELHI: Embattled real estate major Jaypee Infratech Ltd (JIL), a subsidiary of Jaiprakash Associates Ltd (JAL), has completed the construction of 5,300 apartments along the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway and plans to hand over possession in two months.

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  • This is a direct response to the Chandras getting arrested
  • can we expect some price rise in re-sale market post this handover..
  • In this bad market?? Property will do well to hold its value.

    No chance.
  • Originally Posted by uttamthane
    can we expect some price rise in re-sale market post this handover..

    Don't expect any momentum in whole of Noida in next two years.

    I think scenario will start showing some changes before 2019 General Election.

    Till then just hold ur investment
  • Originally Posted by uttamthane
    can we expect some price rise in re-sale market post this handover..

    If you are looking to sell and sitting on a reasonable profit then sell or just hold on it to it after letting it out. It is going to take good amount of time.

    Given that stock market is shambles, you can expect some redirection to real estate but not at the scale where entire market is going to be revived.
  • Housing projects sans green nod illegal:SC....is jaypee impacted by this??
  • I had gone to Jaypee wish town CRM cell and registration cell today in the afternoon around lunch time. The number of people there waiting to pay their outstanding/account statements/posession/registration - was incredible.

    It was JAM PACKED. Being a saturday obviously made that difference. But good to see movement here.

    Kosmos, Klassic owners were in numbers mostly.
  • I am sitting there right now. Can confirm the same

  • What is d on going rate in Kalypso and imperial...
  • December pics are up on site.
  • Hi, Any update on how many owners are planning to move in the B-36 belt of Kosmos (KM-32,33,34) ?
  • Guys - sharing my experience on possession and registration (which is still going on and will be done shortly)

    - Step 1 - Jaypee issues final possession letter

    - Step 2 - You make checks and solve any descrepencies. Since they added SAP since a few years I haven't seen many errors. Most probably you will get delay penalty which will be offset by Super Area increase.

    - Step 3 - please ask for copy of OC and working of SA increase on email (this is important should you want to go to consumer court)

    - Step 4 - please clear your account with JP. Please add 500 to 1000 Rs more (sometimes some interest is piled up and JP needs to close the account. Or just before paying cheque take latest balance from CC. The cheque is to be paid in the same area now (earlier it was a different room)

    - Step 5 - along with copy of reciept, issue a handwritten note to JP to start final completion of flat. Give this to your CC rep. They will scan this and send this to finishing team. Ask CC to CC you on the email

    - Step 6 - 100% take coordinates of the guy tasked with finishing your flat. Please meet him and befriend him and in your own way ensure finishing work is done to perfection. Engage an architect to help you find flaws. Communicate same in written to your new 'friend'. Be on top of this - try and do this ASAP before finishing guys get too busy

    - Step 7 - meet Mr Inder Kumar at B2 block. He will explain the registry process

    - Step 8 - visit an empanelled lawyer or hire one yourself or do it all yourself. Negotiate a bit - suggest not too much but that is your call. The only benefit of empanelled lawyer is that they know the process / exact draft of sub lease deed for JP units etc. But it's not rocket science either ways

    Step 9 - he will ask for soft copy of OOP and will send you stamp paper costs. There are two or three other costs - registry fees, court fees, lawyer fees (as above), electric meter etc http://www.thelogicalbuyer.com/stamp-duty-calculator-for-apartments-in-noida/ - I checked here and it matched. Other costs are about 40-50k. So total expense - 5% of flat cost or circle rate - higher of 2 plus about 40-50k (paid in cash on day of registry)

    (I have completed till Step 9)

    Step 10 - provide a list of docs to lawyer along with the cheque for stamp paper. Don't give cash. It will be to some stockholding corporation of India (lawyer will give exact details)

    Step 11 - lawyer will verify stamp papers in your and co-allottee (if any) names and unit numbers. PLEASE verify very carefully and ask him to buy.

    Step 12 - Step 11 will take a week. Now once Stamp Papers are procured and docs ready - go back to JP - to Mr Inder Kumar at B2 - fix up a registry date with him. His official line is one month from now but you can request if he can prepone a little. Note flat has to be ready before registry

    Step 13 - Keep engaging with finishing guy, engage with own interior designer or how you want to go about and start designing your add ons on top of what JP gives

    Step 14 - registry date - keep FULL day with you, carry all ORIGINALS. Keep half day at JP and half day at Authority

    Step 15 - Collect your registry papers and keys of your flat. I will make a checklist for this later.

    Let me know if anything is unclear